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Feb 1, 2007 04:37 AM

Svelte foodies [Moved from General Topics]

Alright...for most people the idea that someone can LOVE food and be skinny at the same time is impossible. On the contrary, I think loving food could actually be a reason someone is slim. Taking time to enjoy what we eat and savor it seems to be why. How do all of you thin foodies maintain your weight? Is it a struggle...or a joy?

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  1. There was an enormous thread about this not too long ago.

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      I remember it had some really good tips. Does anyone know where it is, exactly?

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        This isn't the one I was thinking of, I think that one's been removed. This one has some pretty good tips though

      2. When dining out, I skip the bread and butter, most gloppy sauces in Chinese restaurants, and eat desserts sparingly because they usually look better than they taste. I also don't drink Fattening alcoholic beverages that contain so many empty calories.

        If something is on my plate that is just so-so, I won't finish it just for the sake of getting my money's worth. I just eat what's delicious and leave the rest. Fortunately, I have an inner Chowhound radar where I've been lucky to choose dishes that are mostly delicious.

        1. I am slim and eat out a lot. I love tasting menus and rich, multi-course dinners. I limit these to a couple of times a month and make sensible choices the rest of the time. I also try not to eat for the sake of eating and would rather skip something I'm not crazy about and hold out for the good stuff.

          Unfortunately for me, I am not effortlessly slim and I do have a taste for fattier dishes. A couple of years ago I lost over 80lbs while maintaining my Chowhound status, eating out often and indulging occasionally. I manage to keep it off by eating sparingly and working out during the week so I can splurge at the weekends. I am always envious of those who don't seem like they need to try too hard!

          1. Gym. 5 Days a Week. Plus lots of walking and in the summer, bike riding.

            But most importantly, I rarely bother eating anything that's not really delicious. I'd rather just be hungry than eat crap.

            1. I'll be honest - I happen to naturally love healthy foods and dislike less healthy ones. I'm not into fried foods, heavy sauces and rich desserts. Really. And I rarely drink.

              (I do like cheese, nuts, and carbs of all kinds, but in small portions.)

              Like everyone else said, I don't eat something I don't love just to fill up.

              I'm also very active.