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Feb 1, 2007 04:21 AM

sliced my it safe to use?

Ok, I feel like a complete idiot.......after several happy years with our silpat, I went and sliced it with what I thought was a fairly dull plastic pizza cutter. Now the silpat has some cuts through it, but still hangs together in one piece. I know that somewhere imbedded in silpat mats are threads of glass.........or at least I think I know that. it still safe to use? TIA...

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  1. I would replace it. You would be running the risk of exposing your food to the silicone contained in the mat.

    1. I doubt it. If still in doubt, contact the company

      1. I think it's probably best to replace it. If you sliced it almost in half, it's kinda useless anyway ;-) Those "threads of glass" is fiberglass... like your attic. I think fiberglass is more of a threat than silicone, but that's just me. It's worth buying another for $20 minus the 20% you can get at BB&B.

        1. Thanks, everyone! Even though it's still usable, I'm off to BB&B with my coupon..........