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Feb 1, 2007 02:22 AM

Seafood Festival in Everglades - worth it?

Heard this is great, anyone been? music and great food, is it worth a drive down?

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  1. We've gone several times and have always enjoyed it. It's crowded and noisy, there's fun country and rock music and lots of bikers, but they do have seafood of just about every sort, and because of the competition, the prices are pretty good. I suggest you get there early - the best bargains are snapped up quickly. Last year we picked several pounds of stone crab claws at a great price when we first arrived; when we walked by an hour later they were all out! Pictures attached.

    1. I went last year and was disappointed. I thought there would be lots of fresh, pristine seafood. It should be renamed the Everglades Fried Seafood Festival. The fried food here was not as good as my local favorites.

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        RevrendAndy, you are right about that. The IS a lot of fried food there, which is a turn-off. As far as I know, there is no quality standard or judging - anyone who pays the fee can open a stand and sell whatever. So it's just a free-market driven, lowest-common- denominator thing. But if you skip the fried stuff, and drop your money on the fresh stuff, then you're sending the right message. My advice - get there early, quickly scan for what you want, strike fast, and retreat.