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Jan 31, 2007 11:50 PM

June in Bar Harbor

We will be in Bar Harbor Maine for a week, for a family celebration in late June.
Although we intend to consume lobster frequently (and are familiar with some of the local lobster pounds, such as Thurston's), occasionally we will need to eat other foods.
Looking for recommendations of tried and true restaurants in the area, for groups ranging from 4 to 12--breakfast, lunch, dinner, you name it.
Also, recommendations for good wine stores and grocery stores in the area would be appreciated.

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  1. We spent a weekend in Bar Harbor this past September and ate at a few places. For a very nice dinner (and spectacular wine list) I would recommend Havana ( The gentleman who helped us with our wine selection recommended Mache Bistro to us, as well (

    We had a lovely breakfast at Cafe This Way (, which was also recommended to us as a good place for dinner. Another fun breakfast location is 2 Cats (

    Really, my only disappointment came at the Lompoc Cafe and Brew Pub (, where I've been several times before and received both great food and great service. For some reason, despite it being a Saturday afternoon on a lovely September day, there was only one waitress. Judging from the length of time it took to get a sandwich, I would say there was only one cook, as well. Hopefully this was just an anomaly, as Lompoc has great outdoor seating and is a very fun, casual place to hang out and eat.

    Domus Isle at 134 Main St. has a small but well-priced wine selection. There is a larger wine shop up the street from this that has a much larger selection (but I can't remember the name--you can't miss it on Main St.


    If you need morning coffee, you should stop by the Alternative Market at 16 Mt. Desert St.

    I hope this helps!