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Jan 31, 2007 09:57 PM

Super bowl supper...easy to cook, maybe Chicago theme, but please no pizza!

I'm not asking too much, am I?

We have a new family tradition: our college-aged boys, a girlfriend and the occasional hanger-on come for Sunday supper every week. It seems that the Super Bowl is not enough of an excuse to get me out of cooking. So what can I cook to serve shortly after the game ends (or maybe during the second half)? I'm very into football, even bad football, so it has to be something that I can prepare ahead of time, or at least won't take too much of my attention while I watch the game. And since we're rooting for the underdogs in my house, a Chicago theme might be fun. (But what? Chicago-style hot dogs? ). Pizza is out; I just don't like pizza enough to bother cooking or ordering it.

I'll be serving the standard chips, salsa, and quacamole during the won't let me get away with anything else. So something that goes well after them would be appreciated.

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  1. How about enchiladas? Not Chicago themed (unless you want to use one of Rick Bayless's recipes and call that your homage to Chicago), but you can easily do all of the prep before the game and have them all rolled in the pan and covered and then slide the pan into the oven when the 4th quarter starts and they'll be ready when the game is over.

    1. when i think chicago casual.. i think dogs, polish sausage, pizza (i know it's out), ribs.... straight out of snl's swerski skits.,,, shoot you could even dress up like them

      1. Hot Dogs - and rememebr NO catsup (or is it ketchup) - another suggestions would be greek food - and if you are doing SNL chicago skits - cheese burger cheese burger cheese burger no fries chips - is from a chicago staple the billy goat tavern

        1. There was another thread on this subject. Not knowing where you live makes a suggestion somewhat difficult. Definitely Chicago-style Italian Beef Sandwiches are a must. They are not the same as Philly steak or cheese steak sandwiches. Each have a distinct flavor...both are good. I grew up in Chicago, but am now a resident of the Philly area, so I know both sandwiches.

          Go horsemeat (Colts)!

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            The enchiladas aren't a bad idea....and cheeseburgers and hotdogs would work too (but I don't know if I can STAND a hot dog without ketchup!). As for where I'm from, check out my username! It tells it all (in other words, no where near Chicago....). Also, the fact that we're eating AFTER the game gives you a hint that we are westerners......

            My husband wants pasta, but the kids insist on the guacamole (and in reality it wouldn't be superbowl without it) and somehow the two just don't go together...

            1. re: janetofreno

              Janet - I thought you must be out west as well, when you even mentioned eating after the game! Speaking of guacamole, did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest guac-eating day of the year? If you were to spread it all out over a football field, it would be 10-12 feet deep.

              And speaking of which, I love to make a football field out of my guacamole on game day. Just spread it in a rectangular dish and pipe the yardlines, etc with sour cream.

              1. re: janetofreno

                LOL! Rather than getting that you were from Reno I thought you were Janet O'freno=)

                That being said, what about a southwest chicken style pasta? That'll go with guac and satisfy the pasta request. I also have a fantastic recipe for Mexican Lasagna, made with tortillas instead of noodles. It's easily prepped ahead and can be thrown in the oven for the fourth quarter. Let me know if you want the recipe and I'll post it.

            2. for something different and hearty, why not try a big pot of Beef Stroganoff can all be made ahead and kept in a crock pot. Serve with noodles and/or rice.