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Jan 31, 2007 09:43 PM

Organic breakfast restaurants/diners in San Francisco?

Where can I go to get a full menu of traditonal American breakfast, cooked using all organic ingredients? I know Lettus uses all organic ingredients and offers brunch on weekends and other restaurants use some organic ingredients when available. But what about a diner or casual spot that serves pancakes using Orgainc flour/eggs/butterblueberries or omlettes with all OG ingredients and local free range/grass fed sausage and bacon? Thanks

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  1. While not in SF, if you are ever up in Pt.Reyes (pre-hike?) the Pine Cone Diner in Pt.Reyes Station fits your bill pretty close. It's one of my favorite b'fast spots when I'm in the area.

    I don't know of too many places in SF where the "full" menu is organic. Many places do their best to use orgainic and sustainable products. Magnolia pub in the Haight has a pretty good brunch and they use local produce and niman meats.

    1. While not exclusively organic, Toast Eatery on Church x Day Street has fair trade organic coffee and uses Niman meats, some organic produce, etc. I was there once and it was good, very American diner-ish with a little upscale twist. The only complaint I had was that they went to all this trouble to use high quality ingredients and served silly institutional single portion ordinary jam (a major pet peeve).

      1. Yeah I live right near Toast and have been there a few times. It's a nice spot for the hood and they do use Niman and good coffee. But they still use crappy Cisco french fries and safeway bread and lettuce etc etc. Still looking for a place that goes fully organic with everything in their kitchen; meats, bread, butter, herbs, pepper, salt, grains, drinks, etc.

        1. I love Universal Cafe for brunch and they advertise themselves as "richly organic." But I couldn't guarantee they are organic all the way down to their salt. Out of curiousity, what would make a salt inorganic? Or should that be unorganic?

          1. Seller's Market on 2nd and Market Street has a small but decent breakfast selection.

            B Restaurant on the terrace of Yerba Buena Gardens also has a very nice brunch menu. (opens at 11:00am).