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Jan 31, 2007 09:29 PM

How to Find Matfer and Bourgeat the Easy Way

Matfer makes an amazing array of professional quality baking and pastry tools from the old school of patissiere. If you have ever looked high and low for those special, french baking and decorating tools, odds are you can get it from Matfer. Bourgeat makes some of the best copper cookware in the world; course, it will cost you $$$, but worth it in my opinion. seems to be the American website where you can buy anything in their catalog. If you are into baking and pastry and do not know about it, check it out, and have your credit card ready.

The reason for this post is that I discovered, quite by accident, that Matfer also has a store front on Amazon with more than 1000 items. Problem is, if you look for it the logical way, you will get either 2 dozen or 100 items. Here is how to find all of Matfer's stuff:
1) go to kitchenwares
2) search for 'matfer'
3) you should get 1000+ listings. Problem: I have to figure out how to do a granular search within these results using Amazon's search engine. Must be something weird about Amazon search engine.

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    1. has better prices than Amazon, at least on the Bourgeat copper pans--much better!

      1. I have purchased quite alot of Bourgeat at ebay. One Seller there, "King of Cars" (?) sells alot of it. I bought a 10 piece Professional stainless Bourgeat set for $175. One pan of that set goes for $75 retail, so quite a bargain. Same with Staub cast iron; great prices on ebay.

        I'm only sharing this info as my wife has forbidden me from buying a single additional pot!