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Jan 31, 2007 09:15 PM

Palm Springs area Dinner for 16-20 people

We are out-of-towners looking for a nice restaurant in the Palm Springs area that will accommodate a party of 16-20 people. We're hoping to find a place with a private room, or at least a semi-private room. Our budget is $150 a person including wine. We could go up from there a bit if we need to. We are open to any types of food.

Any suggestions wiuld be greatly appreciated.


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  1. You might try Le Valluris. I don't think they'd close off the patio for 16 - 20, but they do have several 'rooms' - I don't think any are totally private, though.

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      Torta basilica - Thanks so much for the suggestion. My parents and their friends went this past weekend, and they loved it! They sat on the patio. They thought the ambience and the food were great. Many of them want to go back again. So thanks again!

    2. For the best food go to Johanne's. He has a private room now and the food is wonderful. Several of the steak houses have private dining rooms as well - LG's, The Falls and the Chop House. You could try Zin, I heard they were expanding.