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Jan 31, 2007 08:22 PM

vegetarian and lactose intolerant

I will be going to SF in a couple of months and one of my friends is both a vegetarian and lactose intolerant. I know this may be a tough one but thought I would give it ago. Will be staying in the downtown area. Any cuisine is acceptable and moderate price.

Also, were is the best sushi or dim sum?


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  1. These places do exist! I am lactose intolerant and was vegetarian for a long while.

    Mekong Thai (791 O'Farrell) is in the Tenderloin and might be a reasonable distance from you, depending on where you are downtown, and mostly everything on the menu is or can be made vegetarian/vegan.

    There is also a chainlet of raw vegan restaurants called Cafe Gratitude. They have kind of a corny menu scheme going, in which all their entrees began with "I am..." followed by some positive adjective. One of the branches (1336 9th Avenue) is not near downtown, but is located right on the N-Judah Muni Metro line, which does go downtown, so there's easy access.

    There's lots of vegetarian in San Francisco, though, so I'm sure others will pipe in with other choices.

    As for best sushi, and dim sum, I recommend you do a search of the board. Just in the past couple days, there has been some discussion on both sushi and dim sum, so you could just look through some recent threads. These questions come up all the time. For sushi, it will depend on whether you're a nigiri/sashimi purist or more into the Americanized rolls, so you may want to specify more about what your preferences are to get more thorough answers.

    1. I haven't been there myself, but I'm betting that Medicine Eatstation would work for your friend. It's in the Union Square/FiDi area.

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        Medicine is great and fits your requirements perfectly. I am not a vegetarian (more of an omnivore, really) but I have enjoyed several meals there. They also had some terrific teas the last time I visited several months ago.

      2. There is a great Vegan Japanese place on Valencia - I believe it is called Cha Ya.

        Very good food!

        1. You're in luck! There are many vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the Bay Area.

          Here is a pretty comprehensive guide to vegan eateries in SF:

          I like Cha-Ya and Cafe Gratitude.

          1. I have to second cha ya . It has beautiful food.They offer several types of miso soup that are wonderful. It is also affordable. There is another Vegan Japanese restaurant on Mission and 17th-I don't remember the name that is also wonderful but pricey.

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              That would be Minako (2154 Mission St).

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                Minako is not a vegan restaurant, it just has a lot of vegan selection. it does have fish too