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Dante's Pizza

Ok who has heard of Dante's? Who has had their pizza? Just wanna know your take on this pizza? been around in Thornhill for many years. I have to get my fix when I head up to Richmond Hill to my parents, as they wont deliver to the Danfourth where I live now. So whats your take on this pizza for who ever has had tried it? Tour boi

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    1. It's a unique type of pizza - very tasty. It may seem expensive at first, but the pizza's are very large and loaded with goodies. For example, I usually share a small pizza (I think it's their deluxe) and the small chef salad (yummy and simple) with my friend and we usually have half a pizza left over to take home.

      1. Dropped in to Dante's last week but didn't stick around because their dining room isn't licensed and I was looking forward to a nice glass of wine with my meal.

        In any case, I did pick up some of their tomato/spaghetti sauce to go and some meatballs. Absolutely the best tomato sauce I have ever had. Too bad it's so far out of the way for me. I don't think I can go back to any other sauce now that I have had theirs.

        1. Highly recommend. My best friend from elementary school's dad owned it (still does?) and we would eat it all the time. So good. Haven't been in a few years but am craving it now!

          1. Absolutely fantastic.


            1. 1) Shockingly expensive and prices keep going up, no longer take their own coupons
              2) Pizza good, but not great (try Massimo's on College for great)
              3) THE best tomato sauce I've ever had
              4) I am addicted to their linguine with tomato sauce and veal which is easily enough to satisfy 2 big eaters for about $15
              Summary - Pasta dishes are amazing and portion size makes the price a bargain, pizza good, but not great.

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                Dante's steak sandwich is really good. They stuff their sandwitches with steak, peppers, cheese, tomatoes,etc. Give them a try and you won't be disappointed.

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                  Please tell me what makes Massimo on College pizza even good; forget great? Because honestly the last time I had to throw the slice away because it was so bland and the crust was literally like cardboard. The time before that horrible experience I said I wouldn't go back because it was so limp and bland. Now I am being opened minded to get sucked back in yet again. What am I missing?

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                    You are not missing anything...Massimo's pizza is really quite bad. I did exactly the same as you; I threw it out after one bite cause cardboard is literally more tasty.

                    To steal a quote from Fwagra: Some people do not get it.

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                    $$$$$ is putting it mildly....and I agree that the pizza is not great...I don't know what the fuss is about.

                  3. We have Dante's food delivered very regularly (in fact I just placed another delivery order prior to writing this). Always enjoy it. Love any of their pasta dishes, excellent sauce! Pizza also very good and although it's a little more expensive than some of the other places but the pizza is bigger and definitely worth the money.

                    1. Word is that they will soon be closing the Yonge/7 store and moving to Dufferin and 7 - possibly under a different name.
                      I've heard some interesting leaglish reasons for this that are a bit too unsubstantiated to post.

                      Oh, and the food is great but it IS a bit overpriced, especially since they stopped accepting coupons a few months ago,

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                        I don't know how anyone can it is over priced.

                        I get one large with cheese, steak, sausage and pepperoni and my family cannot finish it. It costs 33.00. I get two pizzas from Pizza Pizza for the same price. They are small and cannot compare to Dantes.

                        Dantes is the best Pizza I have ever had hands down!