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Providence lately anyone? Photos?


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  1. bite the bullet and go already! get the tasting menu, you won't regret it.

    1. their website has a plethora of photographs.


      1. I was just there this past Sunday for my husband's birthday dinner. OH MY GAWD! We love it and they always treat us so well there. We had the 9 + course meal which was plenty. I had to stop at 6 courses but my husband kept going. We spend so much $$$ but it was well worth it. I wish I had taken photos but I was too busy enjoying the dinner. Good luck getting your internship.

        1. Providence is a wonderful restaurant.

          First Course – The muscle of the clam, served almost raw, bruleed" served with a salad of yuzu, baby turnips, extra virgin olive oil and jalapeno juice.

          Second Course –Pinwheels of "yari ika" – poached Japanese sword squid served with Satsuma tangerine foam, Satsuma gelee, snap peas and pea tendrils. A small pitcher of satsuma and Krug champagne consommé was then poured around the squid.

          Third Course - Boule Parfait – A ball of foie gras parfait, with Tokay gelee, foie gras powder dusted with cherry powder, an emulsion of Australian Pepper jus.

          Fourth Course – Butter-poached Norwegian King Crab Leg and Crabmeat with Crab Nage (crab stock with white wine, cream and butter) The leg was topped with American Oscetra Caviar. Also on the plate was a small mound of perfectly diced to 1/8 of an inch mire poix

          1. Fifth Course- Santa Barbara Sea Urchin Sabayon with truffles, brioche croutons, hakkaisan, junmai, ginjyo.

            Sixth Course. Seared foie was draped over a bed of black truffle rice. The Kobe Beef Sushi was also on black truffle rice with a dab of Kurosawa plum.

            Seventh Course – Italian Octopus a la plancha with oven dried tomato, nicoise olives, fennel, artichoke hearts, basil, mint, oregano, pistou and olive oil

            Eighth Course – Sweetbreads done in a traditional style with quince done 3 ways – puree, confit and roasted with a drizzle of port reduction

            Ninth Course – Virginia Striped Bass a la plancha with Shimeji mushrooms, Chantenay carrots, baby red onions, celery greens, shaved black truffles and truffle lobster stock

            Tenth Course – Roasted Lamb Loin, lamb jus, Moroccan squash puree, lamb’s quarter, roasted spinach, cinnamon espuma

            Eleventh Course
            Cheese –

            12 and 13 and 14 - Desserts

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                when did you eat all this fabulous food - is this a recent tasting menu? and how much was all of this? I am going for my b-day dinner next month and can't decide between the 5 course or 9 course meal. i feel like 9 courses is too much and i would be sick after, but what do you think?

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                  This was at the end of December at the Chef's Table - I really like the 9 course and the portion size is small enoiugh that you are not stuffed.

                  Yes, these photos are from Providence.

                  More pics.

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                    Is there a different tasting menu with different price at the Chef's Table? Or the same as if you sit elsewhere?

                    Looks good! But it's funny - must be watching too much Top Chef - the foam and the gelee got me.

              2. Are these really pictures from Providence?? This is hard to imagine since we went there about 2 months ago and our tasting menu looked nothing like this. The food was not bad, but nothing to write home about. Rather bland at times and not in anyway worth the price. We even joked, with some seriousness to stop by In and Out afterwards. As for the services….well it wasn’t as professional as to be expected. We had the wine paring to accompany the tasting menus and the server actually read the label from the bottle and said he didn't know anything else about the wine. Needless to say we were highly disappointed and were not planning to return. However, if they changed their menu style, as it appears in your photos...well we may just give it a second try.

                1. I thought our meal was underwhelming as well. Not exactly bad, but very uneven. Some dishes were truly sublime, and other dishes felt too plebeian for that restaurant. I struggle to even remember what I had that night, it was not the most memorable of meals, and it'll be a while before I return.