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Jan 31, 2007 07:40 PM

Marcel exposed?

i was rooting for marcel during the finale because i thought that the other chefs were totally ganging up on him and being childish. i didnt understand why everyone hated him so much. however, when i watched the live bravotv post show interview, it all suddenly became clear...MARCEL REALLY IS THAT ANNOYING!! He couldnt shut up and had a smart-alek comment for everything. HE was the sophmoric idiot and ilan really did come across as the mature, dedicated chef. people would call in and ask a question for ilan and it was like marcel had to get in a comment first. lol one caller actually interrupted marcel and told him the question was specifically for illan. without all the editing, i saw marcel for what he really was. he is full of annoying phrases (i'm not gunna lie..., like...) and by the end of the interview MY nerves were on edge. i cant imagine having the live with him for 16 weeks!!!! anyone else who saw the interview agree?????

PS--i cant believe marcel choose applebeesque-Mikey....(?!?!) even if mia was the weaker cook (i highly doubt it...) at least she wasnt all anti-marcel and she said she WANTED to work with him (unlike mikey).

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  1. TOTALLY!!!! I hated Marcel from the very beginning, but sort of started to feel bad for him. Since we only really see snapshots of what the chefs were really like, I just couldn't figure out why they all reverted into junior high kids, with the way they treated Marcel. But seeing him in the interview, I'm so with you! He kind of like acts like he's the only person in the room. And did you see his freakin' face when they announced that Ilan was the Top Chef??? I mean, he couldn't even congratulate the guy? What a freakshow, man. I'm not a chef, but I'm married to one, and I am familiar with the type of personality it takes to be successful in the kitchen. I can't figure out how anyone could work with Marcel. He seems really difficult to work with. Anyway, I'm glad Ilan won.

    1. For someone who doesn't care much foir Marcel, the aftershow really just kind of made me feel bad for him. He was obviously highly uncomfortable, probably feeling like crap and more than likely a little drunk.

      It's hard to deny Ilan's slimy ways ("I'd love to pee on Marcel"?? UGH), so I feel for the boy. Even after Marcel lost Ilan continued to tell the press how much he hated him, but continued to harrass him with phone calls? Despicable. How would you feel if you were forced by contract to sit next to him and field questions after successfully avoiding him since the time taping ended?

      That's not to say that Marcel didn't come off looking totally awkward. That show was the best trainwreck ever.

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      1. re: gingersweetiepie

        gingersweetpie, you seem to know Ilan so let me try out a hypothesis on you regarding Ilan's ultimately successful scheme to get the better of Marcel.

        Realizing that Elia was Marcel's sole friend, Ilan took it upon himself to coax by whatever means possible Elia over to his side. The first obvious attempt was when Ilan moved into Elia's room and prompty suggested to Elia that Elia's team blame Marcel if the team lost. Elia refused then.

        It is not shown, but though the next episodes, Elia and Ilan seemed to form a bond, perhaps culminated when both decide to shave their heads and after Elia had ignored Marcel's pleas for help when being held down by Cliff in the head shaving incident. Fast forward to the plane trip to Hawaii and Elia joins in the Marcel bashing, and then to the finale part one, where she is persuaded by the boys to accuse Marcel of cheating.

        Having lost Elia as a comrade, Marcel must then turn to Sam as his sous chef selection. And Sam in turn persuades Marcel to pick Mikey over Mia. Had Ilan not been successful in alienating Elia from Marcel, he probably would have chosen her as his teammate, as he did on a prior occasion, and really, as pointed out elsewhere, it was Elia's sous chef skills that help Ilan win as much as anything. True, Sam was of some assistance to Marcel, particularly with the save. But I have to wonder, if Elia were the Sous Chef, she no doubt would have recommended Mia, and maybe Elia might have been able to talk Marcel out of the plain salad dish, or at least enhance it. And Mia would have been much better for Marcel than Mikey, who as I said elsewhere, acted like a minimum wage kitchen helper rather than a sous chef.

        this is all conjecture, but i would suggest that a key to Ilan prevailing was alienating Elia from Marcel. For this, he truly deserves the title of top conspirator.

        1. re: sushidog

          Although I don't think that Marcel would necessarily have won if Elia had still been his friend (kindof too many steps of inference for me...), I definitely agree with you that Ilan went after Elia as a friend in order to make sure Marcel had no friends. I don't think it was that calculated though, I think he just didn't like him and was mean and wanted to steal his only friend so he wouldn't have anyone nice (Elia) being offended when he made fun of Marcel.

      2. I was going to say the EXACT SAME THING!!! He really was something... painful to watch and listen to. For those of you who missed the post show interview... I was in SHOCK to see how annoying he was.

        I think Marcel is an idiot savant in the truest sense. He can be pure genius with food... but unfortunately does not have the social skills and leadership to be much of anything.

        My predictions for his life: One day he's going to be like 70 yrs old without a job and without friends because of his social awkwardness. He's going to have spent his entire adult life experimenting and perfecting his craft in the comfort of his home kitchen (kenmore pro that is!). He's going to craft some of the most amazing food ever made and will end up feeding it to his cats... the only living organisms that can stand him. He won't care, because he'll be in such awe of his own creations. And sadly, the world will never get a chance to taste the greatness that could have been Marcel.

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          1. re: asiansensation007

            I'd loooove that story more if Marcel actually had the chops. He'll be reading about the innovations of the real chefs, and imitating them years later with his one geek friend, who is no doubt deaf and so able to hang happily.
            And the cats can eat well.

          2. re: mr_fro2000

            //He's going to craft some of the most amazing food ever made and will end up feeding it to his cats//

            That gets my vote for the best hound line of the year.

          3. Okay, so Marcel was over talkative and a bit long-winded, but look...this kid has been attacked verbally by the other chefs, man-handled by Cleef, but he was attacked with a bottle by some sick female in a nightclub in Vegas! WHAT THE HELL??? No matter how you feel about the kid, he doesn't deserve any of that. He was shaken, he was probably a little embarrassed, he was confused and like the other poster stated, he was probably just a little lit. And who can blame him. I would be blazed too. He just lost to his arch rival with the help of his number one nemesis. And by the way, isn't Betty a little too damn old to be hating on a kid?

            I also disagree about the editing of the show. I think that if Marcel was like that that Bravo and the producers of Top Chef would have been more than happy to share that side of him with the viewing audience. At least that would have given us a litte insight into what it was about Marcel that was rubbing all the other chefs raw. But they didn't; hell, in the beginning Elia liked him, she said that she had to defend him a lot of the time to the other chefs. Then in the lamest excuse ever to turn on someone, she says it's because he took her burner or turned off her burner and was rude to her in the kitchen during the final 4 challenge. How pathetic. She didn't have anything better than that. And clearly the chefs didn't care. She just wanted to whine, and cry and try and garner sympathy about everything. Even Ilan, who initially put her up to lying on Marcel...and yes I said lying because I believe that it was...even Ilan just shutup after he saw that it wasn't going to work. I like Marcel. He appeared to be creative, not the same ol' same ol', and I think that he will go far in his aspirations of becoming a top chef.

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            1. re: Keiwei

              Marcel didn't "just lose" - he lost 2 months ago. That time frame between the actual taping and the live post-interview show would have given any reasonable person time to get over the loss and deal with it in a mature manner. Marcel was anything BUT mature during post interview. And "kid" is stretching it - he's 26/27yo....more than old enough to know how to deal with something like this. But he's so full of himself and lacks any humility that he continues with his childish, petty actions.

              1. re: LindaWhit

                Linda, I think you overestimate the maturity level of my generation. I can think of 31 y/o line cooks who are brattier than Marcel and would take the loss poorly. =)

                Marcel has a long way to go but he takes his food and career very seriously and put a lot of stock (imo too much) in winning this thing as some sort of validation. I don't think you can put a time limit on how long to mourn over the crushing loss . Even though the taping had finished he was live on camera while processing the way it was edited and aired. I don't think any of us can judge when we haven't had a bottle smashed in our face for no good reason.

                (It didn't help that he seemed drunk or high - that was irreponsible and flat-out dumb, I'll give you that.)

                1. re: gingersweetiepie

                  I think you overestimate the maturity level of my generation.

                  How very disappointing, then. At 26/27, I at least knew how to act at least semi-graciously in a public setting -- which this live interview was -- even when in an uncomfortable situation. The fact that he didn't learn at all from the reaction of the public to his actions throughout the show says a lot about his character - or complete lack thereof.

                2. re: LindaWhit

                  Thank you for that observation -- it matches mine. Remember Stephen from season 1, who is younger than Marcel, learned enough about himself from watching the show, that he was ready to apologize to Candace at the reunion show. I found Marcel (in the 5 minutes I was able to watch the after-show) to be exactly how the other contestants were trying to portray him -- unable to shut up, disrespectful (in his body language and interruptions), disdainful/arrogant, etc.

                  Now, I did catch him on the View yesterday (it was on in the gym), and he came across much better then, but Rosie was lovin' up on him.

                  I don't excuse any of the other contestants' behavior, but I do feel like their perception was validated. Several of them have said it's hard to put a finger on why he's so annoying -- it's not specific instances, it's the whole package.

                  1. re: momjamin

                    Exactly. Comparing Stephen to Marcel - while irritating during his show, Stephen is the much better person for having learned something. Marcel? Completely oblivious to what is around him.

                    And having Rosie lovin' up on him isn't saying much, IMO. :-)

                    1. re: momjamin

                      Well, like he said on the final show, he was there to compete, not make friends. Personally, I didn't much like any of the contestants, but I thought Sam and Marcel were the best chefs of the lot. But then I liked Stephen last year. I thought he was the one of the more inventive chefs there.

                  2. re: Keiwei

                    on Elia
                    I think she was acting in a professional manner throughout the competition
                    she knew Marcel before -- he had cooked under her when she was sous and he was whatever --
                    so he wasn't a problem for her. In the earlier episodes, she always stood her ground and defended tastes in a professional way.

                    But eventually . . . please, the guy just wears on everyone!
                    Then he starts messing with her stuff, which I'm sure she never caught him doing before . . .
                    can you IMAGINE touching someone's pot or dish or oven in the final of something like this?
                    Not cool.

                    1. re: pitu

                      I think Elia succumbed to group think.

                  3. I'm wondering... does Marcel have asperger's syndrome? he's brilliant with food but he doesn't know thing one about dealing with people!

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                    1. re: Kajikit

                      You're too kind. He is reasonably adept with food, though extremely undeveloped and he exhibits none of the signs of Aspberger's. He is simply immature and suffers from high self esteem.

                      1. re: Kajikit

                        Sometimes a jerk is just a jerk- there is not always a physical, mental, genetic or organic reason- he is simply a jerk!!

                        1. re: macca

                          Lord do I again....I get so tired of new ways we can explain away the fact that someone is simply choosing to be a jerk.....ENJOY>>>>>>OBX

                          1. re: macca

                            Ooops.....should be Lord do I agree.....OBX

                            1. re: obxspiritdreamer

                              Yup- Sometimes things are just as they appear- no matter how politcally incorrect that may seem.