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Jan 31, 2007 07:18 PM

Top Chef Backlash [Spoilers in Post]

OK - Ilan wins....for what???? Spanish food in Hawaii??? Wylie Dufresne seems to have been muzzled throughout. Tom C. bent over backward to praise Ilan's pedestrian takes on a fairly tired approach. Newsflash folks: The culinary world is moving toward new techniques and innovative preparations and, like it or not, Chef Colicchio should get with the program and at least develop an appreciation for such approaches. In this episode he comes off as a culinary Neanderthal. Ah let's all imagine what if Ferran Adria and/or even Tony Bourdain was the executive chef/host of Top Chef. Now there's a program worthy of the 21st century!!

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  1. agree completely... Illan was fourth or fifth best talent wise. They expect me to believe he is better than Marcel and Sam?!?!?!?!?! The show blew the oppertunity to make up for last years disaster(who by the way, is still in boston without a job)what a sad joke

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      I'm not sure what you mean about last year. Harold won (deservedly) and is about to open a new restaurant in NYC.

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      1. I am so disappointed in the outcome of this competition. I wanted Marcel to win so badly. I felt sick when I saw the spoiler and learned that Ilan had won with Elia the backstabber and Betty the tart's help. I felt as if Michael and Sam were going to be a hinderance to Marcel initially and in the final product I felt that I was right...they somewhat sabotage him. They could have double checked to make sure that the fish was loaded onto the cart just as well as Marcel. But I watched the after show video on and Marcel was the bigger person and took full responsibility for the mishap. I think that Marcel was class on the way on this show. Yes, he was confident about his ability and that's what a top chef should be. He is a bit long-winded, but he's articulate and has conviction in what he's saying. I love Marcel. The other "chefs" totally picked on him this season; I wish I could have been there to take up for him. I thought that Elia was at least his one ally, but in the end even she turned on him, and he addresses that question in the post interview as well. I wish Marcel all the success that he deserves. Oh, and can someone tell me what happened to him in Las Vegas???

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          I don't think that Marcel was 'sabotaged' by anything except his own personality - as the masterchef is was his responsibility to make sure that everything was in the right place at the right time, and to delegate to the others and supervise... Sam saved his BUTT and he tried to take the credit for it?! At his best Marcel is brilliant... but that meal was far from his best effort of the competition.

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            Wow, you don't think she turned on him for a reason? And referring to one of the contestants as a "tart" seems a bit unfair, unless you are also going to disparage the perceived sexual proclivities of the male contestantss too! Unless, you meant to call her an apple or pear tart, or even tarte tatin, sweet and warm and delicious, in which case I rescind my objection.

            1. re: Leadbelly

              Well, I don't necessarily think she turned on him for a reason. Elia was consistently childish and hysterical. How many times did she declare "I queet" whenever something didn't go her way? Why conclude that her judgment of Marcel was fair-minded?

              1. re: frenetica

                Didn't say anything about "fair-minded"--but nor would I characterize her as "hysterical", which is a stereotypical putdown for any woman who shows too much emotion. I would have a lot more respect for some of the critiques of the contestants on this board if people could stay away from name-calling and putdowns. I thought Elia explained that he demonstrated a lack of respect for the other contestants in the kitchen and engaged in petty behavior of his own--such as moving other people's equipment around and turning off the burners without asking. I think Elia had the chops, and she showed her skills, but she did not demonstrate enough leadership ability--she spent a lot of time working in a French restaurant kitchen, you think that would steel anyone to some of the stuff they had to do on the show, but she definitely let her frustration show.

                1. re: Leadbelly

                  Perhaps you'd prefer 'Drama Queen’ to ‘hysterical’.

                  1. re: Withnail42

                    I actually think she was hysterical at times -- what do you call the chocolate sauce all over the place episode? That was a loss of control, for sure. But for sure she was childish and whiney every time things didn't go her way -- I don't think "letting her frustration show" really covers it.

                    And honestly, the point of this board is for us to say what we think of these shows; ironically more than a few people here attack one another in addition to criticizing the cheftestants, which makes me cringe much more than when people say nasty things about the people on tv.

                    1. re: Adrienne

                      Elia definitely seemed off her rocker with the chocolate sauce episode--and yet they were all laughing and having a good time, seemed to me like college students blowing off steam during finals.

                      I haven't seen too many personal attacks on posters on the boards. And I think criticism of the contestants is totally appropriate. I just disagree with "criticisms" like so-and-so is a "tart". Honestly, if you think that is an appropriate way to assess whether someone belongs on Top Chef, well, I just don't know what to say. Call Betty a poor chef who did nothing but roast vegetables and make soup, but don't say she doesn't belong in the kitchen because she is a slut. That's just silly.

                      1. re: Leadbelly

                        Given the way the producers distorted things (e.g. making it look like Elia got drunk with Cliff et al. and was involved with the head-shaving prank), it seems unwise to draw any conclusions about the contestants from the show.

          2. I would totally rather eat Marcel's food -- Ilan's seemed like the same old same old that you can find in any large city.

            1. I hope some of the famous guest judges/chefs that lend their name and thus credibility to the show decide tor boycott this farce that has become Top Chef.

              I was really disappointed in the show this seaon, with frankly, none of the contestests worthy of the title (unlike Harlod last year). Ilan played it safe all season, cooking recipes from his job. Top Chef is supposed to be about leadership, which granted, Marcel also lacks, but the only thing Ilan lead was the attacks against Marcel. I think they should have disqualified everyone and donated the $100,000 to charity as a message to future contestants.

              Hopefully, the producers of Top Chef will read some of this public condemnation and not serve up so much BS on the show next year (more cooking, less drama-BS). However, the BS format is apparently successful and, thus, they may serve up more of the same. If so, count me out.