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Jan 31, 2007 07:00 PM

Oxford St Grill / Lynn - closed?

Does anyone know what's happenign at Oxford ST grill in Lynn? I was looking forward to trying it & visited the web site - says they are closed! Any info?

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  1. Well, you missed the interesting phase of it -- when the original chef was doing a modern, creative take on Austrian cuisine -- by about seven months. Once he left, the place offered a dumbed-down, generic bistro menu, and was doomed. I blame it on the hopelessly amateur first-time restaurant owner. Too bad: I really thought the original incarnation was worth drivng to Lynn for.

    1. AMEN, MC Slim Jim, AMEN

      1. I also had one great meal there soon after it opened and never made it back. I Sure wish I had now. Anyone know who the original chef was and if he is cooking anywhere around here? They really had some of the most unique food I've seen in the area.

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          Oxford Street Grill's original executive chef was David Fitzgerald. I don't know whether or where he as resurfaced yet.

        2. David is an excellent chef . . . encountered him first at the Red Raven in Salem, then Meze Estatorio in Charlestown and most recently at Oxford Street Grill. Somewhere on this board he posted that he was hoping to open his own place, but I haven't heard anything about it as yet. As for the eastern european/jewish style food at the Oxford Street Grill, if the recipes stemmed from the owner's grandmother, despite David's best efforts, they were terrible.

          1. According to this article, Oxford St will likely be re-opening as Downtown Bistro and Grill by the same owner of the Navy Yard Bistro in Charlestown. The article explains it is not a done deal and therefore no date was provided for the change.

            here is the link (registration req)...