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Jan 31, 2007 06:42 PM

Palo Alto dinner

Two places have been suggested Kaygetsu in Sharon Heights and 3 Seasons in Palo Alto. Anyone have a take on either?

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  1. in terms of quality, kaygetsu is far superior, especially the kaiseki menu. however, 3 seasons (nouveau vietnamese) is more conveniently situated, cheaper and has more of an atmosphere. it depends on what you want. if it's a small, quiet group who's about the food, kaygetsu it is. 3 seasons is more about a group or the ambiance. kaygetsu would be totally loss on some of my friends.

    do you definitely want asian food?

    1. Unless $$ is a concern, why go to 3 Seasons when you have Tamarine in the same downtown?


      1. We had a very disappointing meal at 3 Seasons last week: expensive, small portions of poorly prepared food, but friendly service. Tamarine's price, portions, and service are comparable, but the qualify of the food's a lot better.

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          I had an OK meal but bad service at 3 Seasons about a year ago. I agree with above, Tamarine is much better, but it's usually difficult to get a reservation.

          Kaygetsu is great but kaiseki is not what everyone is ready for. And I've heard complaints about quantity in regard to the cost.