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Jan 31, 2007 06:40 PM

Good Indian in Cherry Hill?

Can anyone suggest a good indian restaurant in cherry hill? Thanks!

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  1. The three best indian restaurants in that area (although none actually in CH) are Coriander, Voorhees, Palace of Asia, Pennsauken, and Gagan Bistro, Marlton. I also like Korma in Mt Holly but that is a bit further.

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      Is Palace of Asia the place by the Howard Johnson's?

      1. re: lucy217

        It is off or Rte.70 near Bishop Eustase. Do not be turn off by how shabby the motel looks. The inside of the rest is very nice

      2. re: shoeman

        I posted below rec'ing Palace of Asia. I have to say though that we were not at all impressed with a visit to Coriander. It seemed to be going for style (look of the restaurant) not substance (very timid food without the depth of flavor we're looking for). Just our opinion..

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          We love Coriander in Voorhees...Very interesting indian restaurant. Some of the appetizers such as the crispy spinach are outstanding and unusual. Definitely a place where traditional indian cooking is challenged... Food is very flavorful...though sometimes can take more heat. When we are in the mood we just tell our server to make it 3X spicy. ;o)

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            Have been to Coriander in Voorhees many times, and never been disappointed. The food has always been very tasty, and plenty. Staff has been friendly, and prompt.

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              Coriander @ the Ritz in Voorhees is our family's favorite restaurant. If you like real Indian food, this is the place. The chef does not shy away from spices and we have learned HOT (Chillies) and SPICY (Spices) are 2 different things. The food is very flavorful without overwhelming the natural taste of vegetables. We have really started enjoying our Indian food instead of just swollowing it down b'cos of the chillies.
              The dishes are varied and everyone I know who's been there has favorite dishes. It's a tribute to the restaurant that the favorites are different, from chicken, to crispy spinach, to lamb, to fish, to vegetarian. I love the Roast leg of Lamb, it is just awesome.

            2. karma in mt holly is closed. has been for a few months now. the palace of asia is very lacking as far as atmosphere.the room is impressive but as much fun as dinner at Acme. the time i went, there may have been 2 other couples in the entire place...and altho it is no fault of the restaurant, the area is dicey..

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                But how is the food? I'm not worried about ambience.

              2. the buffet offerings were dull, order from the menu...the lamb vindaloo was delcious and the bread assortment was a meal in itself (a separate charge).

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                  Have you been since it fully converted to Palace of Asia? I've only been there for the Sunday buffet which is awesome and never dull. I'm wondering of we are talking about the same place. The "room is impressive but as much fun as dinner at Acme", I'm not sure what that means. The room is nice, but if your looking for jugglers or a mid meal magic show, you're out of luck.

                  1. re: shoeman

                    i haven't been there in about a year. i went on a weeknight, the room was huge and vastly empty with glaring white light (hence the acme reference). it wasn't a warm atmosphere for dining.

                    1. re: spinach

                      I think it is really important that you mention in your review that it has been a year since you visitied the rest, In that year they have renovated and completely changed owners, You might as well have reviewed a different rest

                2. Check out Gagan Palace on Clementon Rd in Lindenwold. About 10 minutes from Coriander and way better selection and quality.

                  1. I agree with the rec to Palace of Asia. It took a little while for the transition and renovation to be complete. But it is a whole different place and the food has been uniformly good in our visits since the "take over" -- buffet (Wednesday nights I think) and menu. This is connected to the Palace of Asia now in Lawrenceville (once in Princeton) that we loved for years when we lived in that area. They have a wide selection of food.

                    The problem is that with the look of the front of the hotel on Route 70, most people haven't found it yet. Approach it from the back -- you'll see lots of people walking along the park (weather permitting).