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Jan 31, 2007 06:33 PM

Are there any gourmet cheese shops in Delaware?

If so, please name them and give your opinions about the selection and quality of cheeses, staff (knowledgable or not), customer service (friendly or rude), etc. Thanks.

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  1. I think you're going to have to head up to Philly...

    1. Years ago there used to be one in North Wilmington on Rt. 202 in Fairfax. There may be a bit of cheese selection at a gourmet store or grocery like Janssen's in Greenville, but you're much better of heading up to Philly.

      1. Imperial International Deli (Fairfax Mall, on 202) is a good place for cheese, as is the Foodsource in Greenville. Get Eddie (the owner) to wait on you at the deli. I have no idea about the knowledge base of the Foodsource staff, but they usually have a pretty good selection.

        1. I second the recommendations for the Imperial International Deli in Fairfax and FoodSource in Greenville. There's also a good cheese shop on Rt. 7 just south of Hockessin, in the same shopping center as Toscano To Go. If you don't mind traveling a bit, and don't want to go all the way into Philly, venture up to Wegman's in Downingtown, PA.

          1. There's a wine and cheese shop in Lewes about a block form the post office across from the canal, but th ename escapes me. It ahs been open only a few months, i think.