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Jan 31, 2007 06:14 PM

Good Fried Chicken - particularly in Dorchester/Roxbury?

The recent post with a flood of people excited about the impending opening of Popeye's in Kenmore has me interested in the local non-chain options -- (Popeye's may be good fried chicken, but I haven't tried it and so don't have an opinion on that) -- I regularly pass a bunch of places that I'm wondering about.

So my question is: has anyone tried any of the fried chicken places in Dorchester or Roxbury? There are at least a few scattered along Blue Hill Ave, Washington St, and Columbia Ave. I've been meaning to try them, but haven't gotten to any yet.

Quick web search and I see there are at least:
Crown Fried Chicken
New York Fried Chicken
Crazy Fried Chicken
Big Jims Chicken and Ribs
Kennedy Fried Chicken
Stash's Fried Chicken

Among others...

Any reviews?

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  1. Well Big Jims is closed and has been for a couple of years.

    Kennedy Fried cChicken is okay...a lil spicy but very greasy

    New York Fried Chicken is actually Kennedy in disguise...same exact menu and ll down to the tee

    Crown is good...similar to the last two in flavor but not as greasy

    Stash's is very good. Light batter and very crispy

    Never tried Crazy fried chicken b4

    1. Haven't tried those listed, but in Cambridge, I've found Coast Cafe to be quite tasty. In fact, it's way too tasty.

      1. Blog that mentions Kennedy's and Crown Fried Chicken:

        1. Packy's Pub on Blue Hill Ave is known for it's fried chicken, epecially the wings. It's not chain fried chicken, it's more like the type you'd get for Sunday dinner in the church basement.

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          1. re: urban_myth

            Wow, I haven't seen the inside of Packy's in dang near 10 years, maybe more (definitely more, but then I date myself). I remember going there and desperately wishing I wasn't a girl so I could play dominos with all the old (well, they seemed old to me at the time) men. Have you eaten there recently?

            1. re: MB fka MB

              Lol, yeah there's something about those cheap drinks that makes anyone age a little more than normal....or at least seem older. You definitely see some individuals in there.

              And I haven't been there in about 3-4 years, but I go past it almost everyday -- still the same amount of cars out front especially on game day. Plus, I have friends who go there about every other month and they haven't told me anything to lead me to think it's any different.

              Also, the sides like mac n' cheese and collards are good. That's my one beef with certain places that make soul food and bbq. They focus so much on the meat but serve up some horrible sides -- almost like they were an afterthought.

              ps...I've seen women play dominios. Got beat by em', too. :)