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Jan 31, 2007 06:07 PM

Tuna - sandwiches, salads (traditional american)

Looking for a good 'ol Tuna Sandwich for lunch ... any recommendations? Will travel. s.

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  1. Surfas Cafe in Culver City has a great tuna panini as well as delicious salads.

    1. Julienne's in San Marino has a fabulous tuna sandwich & salad - more on the gourmet side with freash herbs and artisan bread. And, don't laugh, Nordstrom Cafe has always held a special place in my heart as a great place for tuna- either scopped on a salad or in a sandwich. It's not too mayonaisey and is all-white meat.

      1. Corner Bakery, various locations, serves good sandwiches, tuna is good, just the classic tuna salad taste. You can order it any way you want.

        1. Clementine has a superior tuna melt, best on Tuesdays when you can get a half order with a cup of soup.

          1. The Pasadena Sandwich Company. Simple Delicious tuna. I don't like herbed tuna, tuna with sweet pickle, tuna with wierd ingredients. I like mine with lettuce tomato and extra pickle. YUM

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              I like PSC for a lot of things, but oddly tuna salad isn't one of them.