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Tuna - sandwiches, salads (traditional american)

Looking for a good 'ol Tuna Sandwich for lunch ... any recommendations? Will travel. s.

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  1. Surfas Cafe in Culver City has a great tuna panini as well as delicious salads.

    1. Julienne's in San Marino has a fabulous tuna sandwich & salad - more on the gourmet side with freash herbs and artisan bread. And, don't laugh, Nordstrom Cafe has always held a special place in my heart as a great place for tuna- either scopped on a salad or in a sandwich. It's not too mayonaisey and is all-white meat.

      1. Corner Bakery, various locations, serves good sandwiches, tuna is good, just the classic tuna salad taste. You can order it any way you want.

        1. Clementine has a superior tuna melt, best on Tuesdays when you can get a half order with a cup of soup.

          1. The Pasadena Sandwich Company. Simple Delicious tuna. I don't like herbed tuna, tuna with sweet pickle, tuna with wierd ingredients. I like mine with lettuce tomato and extra pickle. YUM

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              I like PSC for a lot of things, but oddly tuna salad isn't one of them.

            2. The tuna melt at Joan's on 3rd is to die for. The cheddar is very aged and it is served on a bagguette with sweet pickles on the side. Mmmmm...I might have to have one very soon myself. Worth a drive into west hollywood.

              1. Willing to travel - For "Traditional American" fare in a fun & historic atmosphere, you'd enjoy the whole experience going to:


                I don't know if they have tuna sandwich, but they probably do and are use to fulfilling usual requests!

                Caution: The above will be on the expensive end of the options posted.

                1. It's been a while, but Sweet Lady Janes on Melrose has a geat tuna salad sand. and you cant beat their deserts

                  1. Urth Cafe makes a great tuna sandwich. . . Urth Cafe is on Main St. Santa Monica, or on Beverly in B.Hills. I live for this tuna sandwich at lunch whenever I can steal away there:)

                    1. i'm partial to the tuna melt at Bluebird cafe in Culver City. I also really like Clementine's version (Tuna Sandwich and Tuna Melt). Clementine is located in Century City off of Ensley avenue. If you can't bear the parking situation, their curbside delivery is actually pretty painless.

                      1. Pie'n'Burger's tuna sandwich is good enough to sometimes divert me from the cheeseburger. Get it with the potato salad - yum, yum.

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                        1. Love the Tuna al Al Gelato... also just get yourself a pint of that Cranberry Tuna from WF (Yeah, I know it sounds fancy, but seriously, it's crack in Tuna form) and a roll from their bakery and you are in heaven...

                          1. Factor's Deli on Pico has good basic tuna - white meat with just mayo and celery. Their rye bread is pretty good too (it's not Langer's quality, of course, but has a pretty good crust).

                            1. Love the tuna sandwich at Neiman Marcus Fresh Market. (3rd floor) The dash of chutney is absolutely inspired. OMG, how could I forget the Apple Pan? I love their tuna sandwich.

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                                Thanks for that rec at NM! I need to try that next time I'm in there! :)


                              2. Apple Pan on Pico near Westwood

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                                  I was going to make this same suggestion -- the Apple Pan's tuna sandwich is great. Another place that has a delicious tuna salad sandwich is Nate 'N Al's in Beverly Hills.

                                  Both of these are traditional tuna sandwiches (i.e. albacore tuna with mayo on regular bread).

                                2. Corner Bakery? Ewwww- sorry, but theirs is more like cat food.
                                  Surprisingly the tuna at the little shop serviing the office building at the SW corner of Wilshire at Centinela in Brentwood makes really good tuna. White meat, celery and not too much mayo. I found it while going to physical therapy in the building's gym. Another place that's good, but puts in too many chunks of onion is Neli's in West L.A. at Stoner just south of Olympic. Really delish on rye toast!