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Jan 31, 2007 06:06 PM

high end grocery store in Delray beach area

I'm going to be in a condo in Delray Beach next month and want to find great local grocery stores where I can buy quality meat and fish, great prepared food and good fruit & veg.
Also interested in great local farmers stand or fish places or good take out options. I dont know the area at all but we're on South Atlantic Ave , I think in 200 block maybe but can drive to shop

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  1. King's Italian Market - Boca Raton - great prepared food, wines, meats, etc. Their chicken salad is soooooo good.
    - Palladio's Italian Market - my in-laws live in the area and really like it.
    - Whole Foods is in Boca - always good
    - Doris Italian Market - West Boca - great bruschetta and meat

    1. The Boys Farmers Market in on Military Trail in Delray is great for super-fresh produce and outstanding prepared food. Beware of the chaotic parking lot and aggressive shoppers and their shopping carts though!

      1. I love Palladio--their take-out dept is THE best- like eating gourmet food at home that you don't have to cook...and their bakery is is Italian so be prepared for specifically TERRIFIC Italian dishes....

        Also The Boys for produce is THE place to go--my parents live there at The Boys and they don't buy stuff anywhere else- of course, they are be aware of your toes when shopping- those old people can be hell with their shopping carts. Best time to go is 5 pm when it is early bird in the rest of the city- lol!

        1. Old Dixie Seasfood on Dixie Highway b/w Yamato and Linton for very fresh, well-priced fish and seafood.

          They're very friendly and helpful, too.

          1. Here's another vote for the Boys Farmers Market. I went there last weekend and was very impressed with the quality of the produce. I didn't buy any meats or fish so I can't comment on those. I took some pictures of the place and our purchases. They're posted in this album.


            Go early or on weekdays to avoid the crowds and wear shoes, not sandals. Trust me.

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              Whole Foods on Glades in Boca is good.....Too high end prices for me....but if you want to have some fun....Go to "The Girls" on the corner of Atlantic and Military Trail in Delray.Next to the Boys.Lots of fun and You Pick fruits....Great Strawberries

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                And before heading to the Boys make sure your auto insurance is paid up! The parking lot is akin to a Demolition Derby for Seniors.

                They have a rent-a-cop sometimes but even he can't get the madness under control.

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                  it's not that bad!! ok it is lol. but watch your ankles they hit you with their carts in the narrow aisles and grab all the pinneapple and melon snacks given out free, spit out cherry pips on the floor and feel every bit of fruit on the stands. Don't even think about going there this week or next, it's nearly Passover and will be manic there.