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Jan 31, 2007 06:06 PM

Watercress recipes

Does anyone have any good ideas for treating watercress as a vegetable rather than a salad green? I'm looking for alternatives to sauteing and seasoning it Asian style. Nearly all the Epi recipes call for using it as a bed for some cooked protein or tossing with a vinaigrette. Not what I had in mind.

Thanks in advance for the creative ideas.

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  1. Cream soup, but then that's not a vegetable. Sandwiches, but neither is that.

    I often sauté it with garlic, Asian style. Delicious vegetable.

    1. I've done creamed smoked fish and watercress. Most recipes calling for a leaf with some bite to it like arugula should work with watercress, but it is one of those greens that lose a lot of volume when cooked. You could chop and toss with pasta, or saute with just salt and lemon juice. Sandwiches are fantasic.

      1. it does lose a lot of volume, so when planning to cook it, you need to buy ALOT. a large bunch cooks down to about 1 cup cooked.

        however, i love the stuff. sauteed with lemon, garlic and chilies. in tom yam soup. in ravioli, with salmon and ricotta. with soba noodles and spicy chili/garlic sauce. in scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cheese. with lentils and bacon. with tofu in garlic/ ginger broth.

        any dish calling for spinach or arugula can use watercress.

        1. I love watercress on sandwiches with sharp cheddar
          and a stir fry asian treatment like you're already doing

          you can also process it with yogurt as a dip (fresh herbs optional, taste for s+p)

          1. yeah it seems that sauteing or going the salad route is the only real way to go. cooking that stuff down is kind of like cooking down spinach - the stuff just disappears! tasty tho.