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Jan 31, 2007 05:43 PM

the fish market vs the fishery

I've only been in San Diego for about 5 months now. We have a friend from out of town and he'd like to go dinner at some seafood restaurant. We took him to the fish market down by harbor and he liked it.
I know that a lot of people on the board like the fishery in pacific beach. How is it compared to the fish market (


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  1. Hey bluegirl,

    The Fishery is much more low key and casual, plus there is no view. That said, the food is easily as good as the Fish Market's, with a smaller menu. Don't forget about Oceanaire Seafood Room downtown either, it is very good. I have reviewed all of these restaurants on my site. Welcome to San Diego.


    1. Thanks for the Oceanaire suggestion. Is the food at Oceanaire about the same as Fish Market?

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        I garee wtih Captain Jack on this one. Oceanaire is actually better than the Fish Market. It's also more expensive than the Fish Market, but really worth it. I've also found that it's better to stick to the simple straightforward preparations on the entree menu rather than some of the more complex/composed dishes. I had a grilled swordfish there this past summer that was about as perfect as it could get. Perfectly grilled, perfectly sauced, perfectly delicious!

      2. IMHO the food is better and more consistant at Oceanaire. Oceanaire's Executive Cef Brian Malarky is the difference maker. I love the raw bar and sushi bar at Fish Market, but I think the main kitchen is a bit uneven.

        1. Dont miss out on The Fishery if you want go casual. Oceanaire is one of my favorites too, but to me it is a special occasion place.

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            How is it on PRICE compared to the Fish Market?

          2. Oceanaire is pretty expensive, but very good. Everything is ala carte, and the dining room is fairly formal - think of it as Ruth's Chris or Morton's, but with fish instead of steak. If you like the Fish Market's food, and don't need the atmosphere, you can also go to the Little Fish Market in Mission Valley (near Ikea and Costco).

            The Fishery is a neighborhood place in Pacific Beach. It's cute and casual, with wood tables, twinkle lights, etc. but not exactly inexpensive. If you want to go even more casual, you might consider Bluewater Grill, El Pescador, or Rimel's Rotisserie.