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East Bay Wedding Cakes?

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I'm getting married in Berkeley this August. Yay! Now I have to find a wedding cake. Any suggestions?

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      I second Katrina Rozelle on college ave in Oakland (next to Dryers). We had two of their cakes at our wedding over 10 years ago. We had a fancy 3 tiered one for cutting in front of everyone and a sheet cake in the back that was also served. We felt that a tiered cake that would have enough for all of our guests would have been too fancy for us - and using a sheet cake for part of it was cheaper, too.

      They were great to work with. Our wedding was in Walnut Creek. No problem.

      Also, whichever bakery you choose, I recommend that you don't bother trying to save a piece or a tier for a year in the freezer. Rather, buy a new small cake instead every year on your anniversary. Mmmmm.

      Have fun sampling cakes. It's one of the best parts about planning a wedding!

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        I'll also second Katrina Rozelle -- I've been at a few weddings with their cakes, and they were really tasty.

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          Yet another vote for Katrina Rozelle. She made our cake for our wedding last June. I had not planned on spending that much money on a cake (about $1000) but nothing else we tried compared, in terms of the quality of the cake and the quality of the service. From the tasting at the Oakland shop (which was fantasically generous) to the delivery, everyone we dealth with with gracious and helpful. As an added bonus, they almost always have the same cake flavors available in the store, by the slice. So, we were able to pick up a number of slices to bring home after the tasting for friends and family to try, to help us narrow down our selection. And, for special times (like Valentines Day), we can pick a slice the same flavor of our cake to share.

          In contrast, just trying to make an appointment at Montclair Bakery was such a pain that I never even bothered to schedule a tasting.

      2. When my son married a few years ago, they used Safeway in Clayton. A lovely cake, and it tasted really good. And much cheaper than fancy bakeries. The one draw back, they don't deliver.

        1. Masse's in Berkeley please!

          1. For my wedding in Lafayette 3 years ago, after considering and tasting over a dozen cake makers, we chose Katrina Rozelle. We went to the Alamo store, and although the first representative was quite nice to work with during our tasting, we had the surprise pleasure of working directly with Katrina when we went back to design our cake and place the order. We were surprised that Katrina was still willing to be "hands-on" to design our cake, given the size of her operation now. But I think it made all the difference because she was able to engage in our vision of our wedding, whereas the other person was simply assisting us to pick elements from a catalog. After all the tastings at various bakeries, we chose Katrina's almond-vanilla because it was not too sweet or overpowering.

            But by all means, before you decide, go for tastings at all the places you can make the time for. Tastings are the one part of wedding planning that you will really enjoy!

            1. I second Masse's in Berkeley. They did a beautiful Tiramisu Wedding Cake for my daughter's wedding. It was delicious, gorgeous to look at and we couldn't have been happier.

              I suggest you go to the their bakery on Shattuck (a block or so north of Chez Panisse) and try some of their pastries. As they say "the proof is in the pudding"..

              Many Happy Returns to you!

              1. We used Torino and were really happy. The owner Julie was excellent to work with and much better than the typical counter people we dealt with while looking at Katrina Rozelle. However, we based our decision on taste and found that Torino was better. We had actually planned on doing chocolate, but Julies lemon won us over. I believe (at that time anyway) Torino was also a tad less expensive.

                1. I also had a Katrina Rozelle cake for my very small family post-wedding reception. They were great to work with (the one on College); and the cake was delicious. Of course, that was over six years ago now...Yikes! time flies when you are having fun....

                  1. I highly recommend Nora Del Chamberlin--the cake she made for my wedding was fabulous. She is a delight to work with, and I thought her flavor selection was unique and tasty (ours was layered with a fresh-made apricot filling and coconut ganache, which went really well together). She does not freeze her cakes, which I know a lot of bakers do. Her prices are very reasonable--she works out of her own home near the North Berkeley BART station--her kitchen is a renovated shed or cottage in the back (I didn't see it). Phone number is 510-526-8732. The only drawback is that if you want to taste her cakes, you must purchase a mini cake in the flavors you want--the money you spend is then credited to your order if you end up selecting her. This was not a problem for us--and as I am sure you know, cake-tasting was one of the nicest parts of trying to organize a wedding!

                    I also met with Julie from Torino baking--I really liked her, but I had already tasted Nora's cakes and nothing I tasted from Julie swayed my preference. But she was very organized, hit it off with my parents, and had some really inventive designs. I believe she trained with or worked for Nora years ago.

                    Masse's has some lovely cakes and great flavor selections as well--they are just so busy, and Masse's wife left me a little cold, with her well-rehearsed patter. Of course, they *are* very busy and in demand, so I don't really fault her for that, and in fact I have bought one of the cakes we really loved there several times since for other occasions.

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                      Nora also made the cake for my wedding. It was raspberry with chocolate ganache and absolutely delicious. Like Leadbelly, I was drawn to the fact that Nora doesn't freeze her cakes. Her designs were also extremely beautiful, and Nora herself was a pleasure to work with.

                    2. Know lots of people rave about Masse, but the two times I have ordered cakes- because of time constraints could not bake them myself- the cakes have been dry- obviously frozen too. I mentioned this the second time- with not much response back signed- long ago pastry chef

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                        Well, what I have purchased from them was a mini-cake that was mostly passion-fruit mousse perched on top of a thin cake base; I have also bought the tiramisu one, which is also very moist. I couldn't tell if it had been frozen, but they were definitely not dry. Just my experience, though.

                      2. I second Torino baking. We found Katrina Rozelle to be a little too sweet/rich for our taste. We loved the mango mousse cake at Masse's, but we didn't want a sponge cake for our wedding cake. We asked Julie (from Torino) if she could do a mango mousse cake similar to the one at Masse's, and she custom-made a cake for us to sample, before we decided to go with her. Delicious! The prices were much more reasonable than the higher end bakeries too (although that was 6 years ago). Her cakes are beautiful too... I recently saw her (and the lady from Montclair baking) win a cake decoration contest on the food network.

                        1. I am getting married in November and I have chosen Masse's. I love their cakes and mini cakes. I am hooked on their Buche de Noel for Christmas

                          1. We also used Julie Durkee of Torino Baking for our wedding cake 3 years ago. We wanted a very clean, modern design (no floral decorations, no swags), so we ordered a cake that looked like a series of square tiers in white with raspberries lining the edges.

                            If I remember correctly, the cake was just over $1000 for 220 guests, which actually turned out to be way too much (not surprising since most of our guests were Chinese who didn't really eat cake).

                            1. Masses does a great job and are very accomodating. Also try Sweet Adeline's in Berkeley. They make really great cakes and are much more affordable. The pastry chef is really good at accomodating any budget. The last cake I saw from them was about $450, but I've seen them up to $800.

                              1. Gosh, nobody has mentioned Edith Meyer yet? She's the Bomb of Buttercream, the Ombudsman of Organic and the best cake artist we've ever seen. Just saw her on TV this spring too. The site alone is shocking - the sand castle cake really looks real. We went to her charming location for the tasting and it was better by far than any other we tried.

                                1. Masse's on Shattuck in North Berkeley's "Gourmet Ghetto." They did our wedding cake, and probably a dozen more for various events in our family.

                                  Truly STUNNING! http://www.massespastries.com/

                                  1. Masse's -- hands down. We tasted Katrina Rozelle - they were yummy, but the samples we had at Masse's were OUT OF THIS WORLD. And I am not a cake person. They went out of their way to make sure we had exactly what we wanted. It also ended up being cheaper than KR, since M's did a sheet cake along with our tiered cake.

                                    1. I have to say, Getting Married can be expensive! Yes katrina Rozelle makes Beautiful cakes, but if you were on a budget like we were, not the place to go. I ended up finding a Lady named Mary , who was referred to me by Hiser Bakery in Hayward. This lady Made my wedding cake just the way i pictured it, at a very decent price. Just amazing! Her Name is Mary and her phone number is 510-485-8203. She is Located out of San Lorenzo
                                      No regrets!
                                      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
                                      ~ Emma

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                                        This post was from 2007, so presumably she already got married (in August, she said), so these last few responses are way too late for the OP.

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                                            Thanks, Wally, for remembering my Ann Walker post.

                                            I am indeed married. Thanks for all the wedding cake recommendations everyone!

                                            I reviewed all the places we sampled wedding cake on Yelp and made a list:

                                            Let Them Eat Wedding Cake!

                                            We went with Nancy's Fancies in San Carlos. Nancy has since retired.

                                            I'd rank the other wedding cakes we tried as follows:

                                            1) True Confections, Berkeley
                                            2) Katrina Rozelle, Oakland
                                            3) Icing on the Cake, Los Gatos
                                            4) Teacake, Emeryville (cupcakes
                                            )5) Love at First Bite, Berkeley (cupcakes)

                                      2. Bev Tanaka makes amazing cakes (she bakes the cakes the day of the event) that are VERY affordable...we had her cakes for our wedding in Berkeley and our guests are still talking about it. She decorates them very simply with buttercream.

                                        1. Carolyn Wong did our wedding cake and it was amazing. She is the perfect combination of price and artistry and our cake was delicious and beautiful. It is one of the ones pictured on her website and I love it to this day!