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Jan 31, 2007 05:19 PM

East Bay Wedding Cakes?

I'm getting married in Berkeley this August. Yay! Now I have to find a wedding cake. Any suggestions?

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    1. re: kc72

      I second Katrina Rozelle on college ave in Oakland (next to Dryers). We had two of their cakes at our wedding over 10 years ago. We had a fancy 3 tiered one for cutting in front of everyone and a sheet cake in the back that was also served. We felt that a tiered cake that would have enough for all of our guests would have been too fancy for us - and using a sheet cake for part of it was cheaper, too.

      They were great to work with. Our wedding was in Walnut Creek. No problem.

      Also, whichever bakery you choose, I recommend that you don't bother trying to save a piece or a tier for a year in the freezer. Rather, buy a new small cake instead every year on your anniversary. Mmmmm.

      Have fun sampling cakes. It's one of the best parts about planning a wedding!

      1. re: kc72

        I'll also second Katrina Rozelle -- I've been at a few weddings with their cakes, and they were really tasty.

        1. re: JasmineG

          Yet another vote for Katrina Rozelle. She made our cake for our wedding last June. I had not planned on spending that much money on a cake (about $1000) but nothing else we tried compared, in terms of the quality of the cake and the quality of the service. From the tasting at the Oakland shop (which was fantasically generous) to the delivery, everyone we dealth with with gracious and helpful. As an added bonus, they almost always have the same cake flavors available in the store, by the slice. So, we were able to pick up a number of slices to bring home after the tasting for friends and family to try, to help us narrow down our selection. And, for special times (like Valentines Day), we can pick a slice the same flavor of our cake to share.

          In contrast, just trying to make an appointment at Montclair Bakery was such a pain that I never even bothered to schedule a tasting.

      2. When my son married a few years ago, they used Safeway in Clayton. A lovely cake, and it tasted really good. And much cheaper than fancy bakeries. The one draw back, they don't deliver.

        1. Masse's in Berkeley please!

          1. For my wedding in Lafayette 3 years ago, after considering and tasting over a dozen cake makers, we chose Katrina Rozelle. We went to the Alamo store, and although the first representative was quite nice to work with during our tasting, we had the surprise pleasure of working directly with Katrina when we went back to design our cake and place the order. We were surprised that Katrina was still willing to be "hands-on" to design our cake, given the size of her operation now. But I think it made all the difference because she was able to engage in our vision of our wedding, whereas the other person was simply assisting us to pick elements from a catalog. After all the tastings at various bakeries, we chose Katrina's almond-vanilla because it was not too sweet or overpowering.

            But by all means, before you decide, go for tastings at all the places you can make the time for. Tastings are the one part of wedding planning that you will really enjoy!

            1. I second Masse's in Berkeley. They did a beautiful Tiramisu Wedding Cake for my daughter's wedding. It was delicious, gorgeous to look at and we couldn't have been happier.

              I suggest you go to the their bakery on Shattuck (a block or so north of Chez Panisse) and try some of their pastries. As they say "the proof is in the pudding"..

              Many Happy Returns to you!