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Jan 31, 2007 04:59 PM

Electric Stovetop [moved from L.A. board]

I am moving into a condo that does not have a gas line and I am looking for a quality electric stove top. Any recommendations?

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  1. Price range is going to dictate the range of choices you have... I think if you plan on spending up to $800 - $1,000, you could probably get a 30-inch range that would satisfy most of your needs. I've never had an electric, so my advice is very limited, though.

    I know that Sears-Kenmore has had a good reputation with both gas and electric ranges, as well as GE. They're huge companies as well, so your ability to find parts and service - if necessary - should be easier. On the same token, I would stay away from lesser known companies for the very reason I mention above.

    You'll find that alot of the ranges from the same manufacturer look very similar - they are for the most part, except the higher-priced models have more bells and whistles, so, unless you really need those extra features, defer to the more basic models. One nice feature is the warming drawer - located in where most ranges have a drawer to store pans. This is a great feature when cooking multiple items that are to be served at the same time, or when you have guests over. And the nice thing is that this feature is now found on many mid-range models.

    I would strongly suggest looking up Consumer Reports, as well as any blogs where people voice out their opinions on home improvement or appliances. You might also try going to any local appliance parts stores for opinions. Hughes Appliance Parts on Venice Blvd in Mar Vista used to be the king in this category, but I haven't been in years.

    You might try searching on the internet for ranges, as there are many great deals out there, and the freight charges are pretty reasonable. Also, you might not be charged tax if the vendor is from a state with no sales tax. But you really need to see and give the models a dry run at a brick-and-mortar before you decide on model through the internet.

    Pacific Sales has alot of models on their floor, but I am not sure how many are electric. Their end-of-year sale in December offers really great prices - I know - it's now almost February. They do have other sales occasionally, but I don't know how those prices compare. Maybe you could print out some prices from internet vendors and see if they are willing come close.

    Sears is always having sales, so if you plan on getting a range there, you might have some luck. Sears also used to have a policy where if they were out of their appliance that was on sale, they would upgrade to the next level at the same price as the sale item. The problem with Sears is I don't know where one is anymore - they closed the Santa Monica store a while back.

    Best Buy and Home Depot carry small selections of ranges, but they pale in comparison to Pacific Sales.

    Good Luck!

    1. look at the great indoors in burbank they are owned by Sears but have all the other brands like GE and Jennair and i think they have those cook tops that are electric too, then figure out the best price at all the diffrent stores. I got the floor model once on a washer dryer combo for $550 off at Pacific sale but I had to ask for the discount on the floor model, my favorite thing on a new range is the thing that will turn on and off the oven with a timer so you never overcook something, It's great if you have to take your kid to piano or something and can't be sure you'll be home to turn it off