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bakery delivery

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I'm looking for a bakery that will deliver a cake or cupcakes to my boyfriend on Valentine's day. I live on the other side of the county and know nothing!

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  1. Where exactly is it you need delivery? What are your price expectations?

    1. I need it delivered to Dolby labs at 999 Brannan Street. I'm afraid I dont know what neighborhood this is, but I know it's across the street from Nordstrom Rack...I'm willing to spend up to $100, but I dont want 24 of the same flavor cupcakes delivered to him because that's just weird...

        1. I just went to Kara's which I liked

          Sibbys gets lots of good mentions on the board

          Does anyone know if Delassio's delivers?

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            Delessio delivered wonderful mixed platters of mini cupcakes for a party I had last summer. According to the website, delivery is free with a $200 purchse, and they are willing to discuss discuss delivery on smaller orders. http://www.delessiomarket.com/Caterin...

          2. Delessio has amazing tiny fancy cakes

            1. Sweetiecups- http://www.sweetiecupssf.com/

              Doro makes the BEST cupcakes ever!! The prices of her cupcakes include the delivery fee. She makes mini cupcakes that are super cute, and large ones too. She would also work with you to mix and match flavors, if you like.. an easy way to personalize the gift to your bf.

              Happy Valentines Day!!

              1. So while it's not cupcakes or cake, butter love bakeshop delivers the most amazing pies I've ever had. (they also do moon pies and I think they'll do cakes. The moon pies were also good but their pies? unbelievable.

                It's delivery only. http://www.butterlovebakeshop.com/

                1. There are cake delivery services just like flower delivery services. I want to say one is cake.com ? It was featured on Oprah, whatever it was, and I'm sure you can find a link on her site somewhere. I've had the red velvet cake and it was really good. Much better then anything I've had locally. Dean and Deluca also might have something appropriate. The biggest problem will be shipping overnight with the dry ice, but it works.