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Jan 31, 2007 04:47 PM

Hungry Detective Episode

So I just finished watching this new Food Network show with a rather rotund guy named Chris Cognac (no way that's his real name!). He featured a number of DC eateries, one being a place I've never heard of called Cantina Marina. Even though it's near the mediocrity of Hogates and Phillips, the barbecued shrimp and shrimp tacos looked pretty good.

Anyone have a first-hand report on this place?

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  1. That apparently is his real name, and he really is (was?) a Los Angeles cop. He seems best known to eGullet types where he was a well known member of the group prior to his FN gig.

    Sorry I can't help with regard to Cantina Maria.

    1. I am right here and yes its my real name.....I am still a cop too....Cantina Marina was a neat little place...the food was good and the atmosphere great...cant beat the view....the shrimp w brown butter as well as the tacos were good....not the best I have had, but good and went well w the michalada (beer and hot sauce, lime juice etc) and view......

      Been posting on chowhound for years, just not as much as eG

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        I have a question for you Detective. I've seen it posted before, perhaps on another board, and in now way mean this fecicously, but why do you take such small bites of the food you try?

      2. Herm...good question, it goes down to eating on camera....its not as easy as any of us learned the hard way, you cant just dig in like I would normaly, you end up getting stuff on your face and the food gets messed up....remember it still has to look pretty...also, I have to chew, think of what to say and then talk...all in a few seconds....we did learn a bit through the season...I remember the DC show....I kept thinking I had sauce on my cheek while eating the tacos....I could feel it and it was driving me the drunk girl in the background would not shut, let me tell you.....some foods are much harder to ribs....sauce everywhere, but you cant get it on your face....

        Hope that helps a bit...

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          After I posted I was wishing for a way to delete my post, because I didn't want to be offensive. Thank you for your honest post! Keep up the great work!

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            Glad I could answer some questions...I learned a lot during this whole thing...ended up getting a bunch of my own questions answered and found a new respect for those who make of the reasons I still post here is that nobody involved in making food tv ever answers questions on these boards, which leads to guesses and misinformation....sometimes the answer is simple, othertimes its not....

            Cheers, Chris

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              Are there going to be future episodes filmed or is that it?

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              If you ever want something you posted deleted, just drop us a note, by using the Report link on the bottom of your post and we will help you out.

          2. Cantina Marina is a very un-D.C. place, so it's nice for a change of pace. I'd call it a great option for drinks and maybe informal dining when the weather is nice, but not really a place to seek out for the food alone.

            1. I've lived in DC for several years now and always wanted to try Ben's Chili Bowl, a local institution. After seeing this episode, and what appeared to be the house special heart-attack slop-on-bread, I'm not so sure. Is their food really that good? Is it as unhealthy as it looks?

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                they do have a soy protien based was ok, but I am a meat guy...yea, go for the 1/2 smoke...worth the trip at least once....I would go back for another one....