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Jan 31, 2007 04:39 PM

Replacements for almond extract?

I am going to make the NYTimes' Lemon Confit Shortbread Tart ( with meyer lemons this weekend for a friend with nut allergies, but the crust calls for 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon almond extract, or to taste.

I doubt that taking out that miniscule amount of liquid will significantly change the texture of the crust but just to be sure, I want to find an extract replacement. Am currently thinking vanilla or coconut. Any other thoughts - what works well with lemon?

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  1. Great-looking recipe! Although there are no nut allergies in my household, I absolutely abhor the taste of almond extract, so never use it. I'd go ahead and substitute pure vanilla extract. And you might even want to up the amount a bit; it won't affect the dough.

    1. This recipe is really disappointing. Don't bother with it. more on this:

      1. Do see the smittenkitchen link, but keep in mind she made several substitutions. The most important being the use of standard lemons instead of meyer. According to the NY times article this shortbread/tart was specifically designed for meyer lemons to highlight their unusual sweetness. (Meyer lemons are an orange/lemon hybrid). So unless you have a source for meyer lemons I agree you may want to think twice.

        1. for the future, carries a whole line of pure extracts (including almond) that are mostly allergen free. also allergic to nuts, i use their almond extract which does not contain nut allergens.

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            That's actually - I always have to remember the non-US-standard spelling myself.

          2. try a very small shot of dark rum, might go nicely with the lemon.