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Midpriced restaurant in Wicker Park with free parking?

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It's too cold to walk anywhere! Any places with free parking?

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  1. Parking on the street is usually free.

    1. You could search for street parking on the side streets off division and choose your restaurant based on where you find a spot. I can usually find Parking within 1-2 blocks of Innjoy, Mirai, Iggy's etc.

      If you are willing to look outside of Wicker Park, pretty much all of the restaurants in Greektown are midpriced and have free valet parking. My favorite is Parthenon.

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        Last 2 times I drove by Iggy's a couple of months ago, it was closed. Is Iggy's gone?

      2. based on the headlines, take a cab. No such thing exists in Wicker Park. Been ticketed at least twice on North Ave "street parking". I do have a guaranteed "secret" parking spot for Bob-san, but it ain't like i'm gonna share with you.

        1. Iggy's closed about 4 months ago.

          Moonshine (on Division) has a parking lot. Most restaurants have valet parking as well. Parking on the street really isn't that bad either.

          1. Although it's technically not Wicker Park, Jane's on on Paulina & Cortland a few blocks away is an excellent midpriced restaurant. Great date restaurant. Street parking is plentiful and it's all of 4 blocks away from North Ave. I would recommend a reservation unless you go early.

            1. North Ave warning: street parking isn't allowed weekdays from 7-9am and 4-6pm. Even at meters.

              Near the North+Damen intersection, virtually everything on the side streets northeast is permit only, about 1/3 of the side streets in northwest are permit only, and few if any of the side streets south of the intersection are permit only.

              I drive to work at that intersection most days, and I rarely have serious trouble finding parking north of North, and there are usually more spots open at 5-7pm than at 9-10am.