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Jan 31, 2007 04:27 PM

Silver Ring Cafe Reopens in Ybor

For you Cuban sandwich hounds (me included)

I read in today's St. Pete Times that, after 10 years. The Silver Ring Cafe is reopening.

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  1. Yeah, I read this with great interest. Andy, as our favorite Cuban aficionado/historian, could you share your thoughts?

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    1. re: laurie

      yeah, that was my post in december. lousy sandwich, I mean lousy. so sad. I'll never go back.


    2. The Silver Ring is open again, I can now return to Tampa.

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      1. re: tiomano

        I had a question. I only have tried the Cuban sandwich recently and really like them. My wife and I were in Ybor City last week and toured the Ybor City Museum. We asked the clerk who lived in Ybor where to get a Cuban sandwich. I mentioned Silver Ring. He said he preferred pressed Cubans and sent us to Carmines which was very crowded and the food was great. He said Silver Ring did not press their Cuban sandwiches. Is that true???

        1. re: Rhody

          We were regulars at the Silver Ring in the 60s and 70s and I never recall them being pressed then. In my mind the pressed version is a "Miami thing" and while I like them, it's not the same as what you used to get. Oddly enough, a reasonable facsimile of that sandwich is usually available at the Publix deli here in Tallahassee.

      2. I was excited about the news as well; however there was a (rather negative) thread here about it already and even mentioned the presses (which they used to do)

        1. Not like they use to be. Even the Tropicana serves their Cubans with lettuce and tomatoes. Not the way I remember them from the old days in Ybor. Spent many an afternoon in the Silver Ring on 7th.