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Jan 31, 2007 04:15 PM

lettuce wraps and vegetarian lettuce wraps?

Hi guys..

I am brand new to the board and live in North Eastern Ohio... pretty much a quarter to nowhere. My closest TJ's is an hour away near Cleveland! On my last trip there we went to P.F. Changs and had the most amazing lettuce wraps. My vegetarian pal had the veg lettuce wraps. Does anyone have any recipes for BOTH that are pretty close? Thanks, hounds!

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  1. Do a search for Sang Choy Bao and you will find a number of good recipes for lettuce wraps with quail. I substitute chicken thigh meat and get great results. YUMMM... I'm getting hungry thinking about it.

    1. Also you might want to look into fresh spring rolls (usually found in Vietnamese restaurants, sometimes Thai): rice paper wrappers, lettuce, cilantro, thai basil, thin rice vermicelli, carrots, tofu/chicken, peanuts...oh so good...ingredients in any asian grocery or Whole Foods...or...hopefully something like that in Ohio.

      1. Lettuce wraps are very versatile... if you are also looking for other ideas, my college roomies and I used to put all kinds of stuff into the lettuce for wrapping. Like leftovers (fried rice, stir fry, etc.), anything with different textures (something crunchy like diced celery or jicama, with some meat and/or protein -- for vegeterian you can use tofu or soy protein, roasted nuts, shredded wood ear, etc.). The best concoctions (imho) are similar to mu shu pork stuffing.

        1. The PF Chang's vegetarian wraps are really good. I know they use firm tofu, seasoned with 5 spice powder, then baked to get rid of the moisture and dry it out. that's how it gets such a great texture.there's red onion, green onion, cilantro, mint, lime, diced water chestnuts, and some kind of vegetarian oyster sauce. probably a little sesame oil too. as to proportions, I don't know - I've been planning on trying to recreate this one. Oh, and it's served over fried vermicilli noodles.