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Jan 31, 2007 04:11 PM

v-day/d-day. a tasty, but budget friendly place for valentine's day dinner?

So it's my turn to makes valentine's day plans this year and I've already exhausted my 'must-try-soon' and 'overall favs' restaurant spots (i.e. a.o.c., hatfields, cafe beaujolais, providence, the little door, luques) this year for other special occasions. also, i'm saving up for grad school so cheap...uhhem...reasonable priced is the way to go. any suggestions out there? i'm looking for anywhere in the l.a. area (preferable near weho) and would be really exited about a new hidden gem that's primo on food and low prioirity on 'scene'. i expect alot of the chowhound crew so please don't dissappoint.

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  1. I'm among those on this board whose opinion on V-day is stay at home, cook a nice dinner, and save your $$. V-day at any restaurant is likely to be hurried service, and a set menu with food designed to hold well under the heat lamps. If you must, get take out, and set the table with some candles. I guarantee that I'm not the only person who says this is the way to go.

    1. I totally agree. If you must go out, take a nice bottle of wine to an ethnic restaurant that is not likely to be crowded on Valentine's Day. Last year we went to Red Corner Asia, which at the time had no corkage, and they even gave us chocolates afterwards. Think Thai, Chinese, Indian...

      1. Not sure what you consider not too expensive but I just saw Max's (in Sherman Oaks) Vday menu and I thought it sounded terrific. $65 pp. I'd imagine that they'd have good service and not be scene-y at all.

        Another idea is Yatai on Sunset. It's gotten good reviews on this board which I'd concur with. The Bento box is so-so, but they have some fun shoju drinks and a lot of choices on the menu. Plus, I doubt that it'll be crowded (which is such a shame!).

        1. Vivoli is offering a $48 prix fixe menu. I went there on New Years Eve (same deal) and it was excellent. The staff is SO warm and welcoming and the food is always very good.

          1. my guy and I like Monsieur Marcel, in the farmer's market, a lot. Although, if the weather is very cold -- it's not as much fun.