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Jan 31, 2007 03:59 PM

Only one night in San Francisco

We'll be staying on Bush Sttreet in SF for one night near Union Square and Nob Hill areas. Is there a restaurant within a few blocks that would be good for dinner and doesn't break the bank too much? Thanks

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    Notice how this similar request got few responses (rworange was very kind to provide a detailed post)? Tell us a story about what you like, what "breaking the bank" is, what your thoughts are after reading Zagats and Yelp and Gourmet and browsed CH posts, and maybe you'll get some responses.

    1. Sorry, I didn't see that post you referred to. I check it out and others. Thank you. By the way, we're from NY and we'd like to keep the dinner under about $150.

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        Canteen. Slightly redecorated hotel coffee shop with a great chef and sophisticated food. Closest thing we have here to what in some other areas they call a gastro bistro.

      2. Short cab ride to Rue Saint Jacque, Jackson and Taylor. Great little neighborhood French restaurant. You could easily walk back to your hotel (downhill, take the cab going, all uphill). Even with wine you'll easily be under $150.

        Another neighborhood place that's outstanding is Luella, Hyde and Green. Again, a cab ride but not long or expensive. When done, hope of the cable car back to Bush St., if runs right in front of the restaurant. Agan, outstanding food, good wine list, super service, very non-tourstiy.