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Jan 31, 2007 03:55 PM

Rappie Pie: is it available in Toronto?

I blame Chef at Large. *grin* The recent episode on the Acadian Reunion has got me curious about Rappie pie. Is it by any chance available in Toronto? The finished product or at the very least, the dehydrated shredded potatoes?

Or is calling D'Eons in Nova Scotia the *only* way to get it?

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  1. haven't seen it in toronto, but i'd try calling around to some of the pubs where down easters are in abundance. maybe duke of argyle, or bow and arrow. ask them if they've got any phone numbers for acadian community centres. you could also try making it yourself.
    for what it's worth, the last time i was in nova scotia, i had it at a dinner the night before my friend's wedding. it was, um, well, interesting. the texture of the potatoes was kind of gluey, and i'm told it was supposed to be. it was pretty bland. drizzled with molasses it was alright though.