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Jan 31, 2007 03:15 PM

Southeast Asian cusine in Boston area (excl. Thai and Viet.)?

Looking for suggestions on the best restaurants serving Southeast Asian cuisine in the Boston area (aside from Thai and Vietnamese, which are fairly well covered on the board). This is where I stand:

Malaysian: There are several places about. AFAIK Aneka Rasa is the best of the bunch.
Cambodian: Floating Rock in Revere is the champ here. Have always been disappointed with Elephant Walk and Wonder Spice. Are there any more places to try?
Lao: Have yet to try to the various places in Lowell. Phien's Kitchen is on my list. Any others?
Myanmarese/Burmese: Rumor has it a there is a new place coming up in Allston. Any reviews or other places?
Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore: Are there any restaurants serving these cuisines in the area?

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  1. Singapore and Malaysia are largely the same, with perhaps additional regional variants in Malaysia that might be less common in Singapore.

    Indonesia - Spice King near BU or Jakarta Corner at the Super 88 food court in Allston.

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      But is the Spice King any good? I just had a look at the online menu, and he seems to serve several Indo dishes as well at the Chacarero sandwiches. Curious indeed.

      I guess full rijstafel would be too much to ask...

    2. I love the Southeast Asian in Lowell on Market St., serves lao, burma , as well as thai, vietnam dishes and cambodian. Great buffet during the week but I still love ordering from the menu. I crave this place once a week.

      1. Island Hopper at the western edge of the Back Bay (Mass. Ave.) has very good Malaysian cuisine.

        1. For Malaysian I prefer Penang to Aneka Rasa.

          Agree with recommendation for Southeast Asian in Lowell. It's our favorite restaurant of all.

          1. The Burmese restaurant has an awning and "Coming Soon" banner but is not yet open. It's called YoMa, and is right in the middle of Union Square, in the space formerly occupied by a little Chinese place I never went into called Charles (Kitchen?)

            I'm really looking forward to this - with the exception of a rather disappointing meal in NYC a few years back, I haven't had Burmese food since the days of the late lamented Mandalay over near Northeastern (yes, I know how much that dates me!)

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              I am dying to try this place when it opens!! Any news on opening date? I went to Burma last year and I still crave the food, it was such a great mix! My absolute favorite is teh Ohn-no caukswe(SP?) soup, which is very turmeric-y, chicken and fish-sauce, which you cut with lime and cilantro and fresh sliced onion when it is ready to serve. It is really fantastic.