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Jan 31, 2007 02:57 PM

San Francisco Bakery & Cafe

I made mention of the San Francisco Bakery & Cafe recently as an alternative to the disappointing Bear Rock. I figured I should probably provide some information about the place so you have a better idea of what it's like.

First, it's family run - and I mean that literally. When I stopped by last weekend to grab some lunch, the owner, John, had his six month old son strapped to him in a baby bjorn while he worked behind the counter taking orders. His wife and brother were in the back filling orders, and friends were cleaning tables and bringing out food. It might sound unusual, but it was actually kinda cool, for lack of a better term. The place definitely has a young, energetic, west coast feel, but stops short of being a granola/birds-n-bunnies hang out.

Per John they bake all their own pastries and breads every day, and the sandwiches definitely tasted like it. You can't have a great sandwich without great bread, and I really liked the fresh, thick slices of bread I got. The sandwiches were well made, plenty of ingrediants and very tasty, my wife's Santa Clara sandwich being the best of the two. The previous time I had gotten their version of a tuna sandwich which was also very good. Afterwards we picked up a couple of chocolate chip cookies and took them with us, they were great.

I really liked the place, and the price is right in line with most other sandwich shops, most the sandwiches costing around $6.00. It's over on Anderson Lane west of Burnet, near where the new Performance Bike just opened up. It's kind of hidden away - actually directly behind the CVS pharmacy. If you're looking for a good breakfast/lunch spot in that area, I'd recommend it.

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  1. I go to San Francisco Bakery fairly often for lunch. The Sandwiches are pretty good, and so are their heath bar cookies. Its not the best sandwich I have ever had, but their bread is fresh and there is enough variety there that it should please most people. John and Co. are very friendly, and it is nice to go to a place where the own comes around and asks how your food is, and how you are doing.

    1. Does anyone know if they are taking debit/credit cards yet?

      1. I believe they are still Cash Only.

        1. My anti-mega-chain snobbery has kept me foolishly away from this place for my 9 years in Austin because I thought mistakenly it was like a Souper Salad type sandwich chain. I'm an idiot. Finally went yesterday. The vibe, the cool owners, the house made asparagus soup and my quiche lorraine yesterday were great. Not the best versions I've ever eaten, but solid enough to put that place on my regular rotation. I can easily understand why they've been around here for 20-ish years.

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            I like the self-deprecation, slowcooked. I am an idiot, too.

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              Maybe you have a wife or companion that rightly reminds you too? She's been prodding me to go there for ages and I guess those were the rare (grin) moments I "just don't listen".

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                Oh, the wif definitely supports my idiot-ness.......

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              they have a croissant, egg and sausage sandwich that i sometimes get on saturdays. no frills, but it hits the spot.

              always friendly service and the pastries please those who can handle the carb load.

              the chicken joint next door looks to be opening soonish, though reviews on here of the other one have been spotty.

            3. Thanks for the reminder Ken W; it's easy to forget about this place because of its location. It's on a busy street but still sort of hidden in a parking lot with several groupings of stores. They are in same area as Cover 3, right? Doesn't their storefront face the side or back though?

              I've been there twice and remember enjoying the meals and environment.