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Jan 31, 2007 02:57 PM

ISO E. Village Recs (Jewel Bako, Degustation, The Tasting Room, OR??)

I need help choosing a dinner spot for 4 people (my wife and me, my daughter and her boyfriend) before a 10 PM theatre performance in the East Village a week from this Friday. So here's the problem: I'd be happy at Jewel Bako, as would my daughter and her boyfriend, but my wife isn't a big sushi fan; Degustation offers only bar seating which isn't conducive to conversation for a group of four; and The Tasting Room, where I'd eaten quite delightedly several times at the tiny original location, is getting decidedly mixed reviews since moving to nearby NoLita. So where to go? I don't have to spend the kind of money a meal at the above listed restaurants require, but I would like a comfortable spot with terrific food where we could eat and drink and relax for a couple hours before our show. Other than sushi, cuisne is not a problem. Any and all recs are greatly appreciated. (Oh yeah, the theatre in on East 4th Street.)

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      1. There's always Hearth, which is expensive but quite good. 1st Ave and 12th St.