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Jan 31, 2007 02:53 PM

What's your take on the "big dinner"?

I know that these days it reccommended that dinner be the smallest meal of the day, however I happen to love a big i'm hungry at dinner time!!! What do you think of this and what is your typical dinner?

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  1. Because of the way work and school schedules are in this country dinner is really the only meal that has time to be big, unless its a weekend. I always try to ensure that my kids and myself have a good breakfasts, usually oatmeal or whole grain toast and a piece of fruit or a yogurt.
    When we visit my folks in South America we eat a huge lunch and then have a late tea with cheese and bread in the evening. Folks get time away from work to go home and eat this giant meal and kids are even out of school for lunch.
    I can't say that either way is better but I do notice an increased sleepiness that seems directly related to this huge lunch we eat. But that could also be b/c we are on vacation and its okay to take a nap in the middle of the day.

    1. I think I would like to have the midday meal be the big one most days, and in fact I eat a fair amount at lunch. But then I go home and there is my husb, who is not going to be happy with something too minor. I could be happy with a salad or sandwich for dinner, or just a little grazing from the fridge.

      1. While the elaborate preparation of the meal may be different, we probably eat about the same amount of food at each meal. I have a snack or two after lunch, so I'm not starving when it's time for dinner, and don't need a big meal. Same with hubby.

        1. For us a big family dinner is Sunday (I'm preparing a super, super bowl meal as we speak) and major holidays. Neither time or work/school schedules allow for formal family meals during the week and rather than force against it we do our best M-F and look forward to Sunday dinner. One plus-we're ALL preparing in the kitchen on Sunday/holidays and I love that!

          1. On weeknights, dinner is typically our most complete meal (not really BIG). On weekends we often have someone over to dinner so it is elaborate, but fun. We've got so much going on during the week that there's no one big meal....