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Jan 31, 2007 02:31 PM

Lunch in Ballston

I just started a temporary assignment in the Ballston area and I wanted to get some recs for the area (walking distance from Ballston Commons Mall). What would you recommend for lunch. Let me know your recs for both sit down and take out. One of the places I am looking to try soon is the sushi place in the mall with the conveyor belts. TIA.

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  1. Check out Rio Grande, Tara Thai, and Ted's

    1. Food Factory (Afghan). It's in an alleyway off Fairfax, just across the street from the Ballston metro. It shares it's space with another restaurant, whose name I can't recall offhand.

      I think there is much better Thai in the area than Tara Thai. What's Ted's?

      1. Try the Chicken Place (a Peruvian order at the counter establishment), next to the Shell station and the Ballston Mall.

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          Do you mean Super Chicken or Supper Pollo? I can never recall which is in Ballston and which is in Falls Church. If so, it's pretty good. They sometimes have a sign outside the door with specials, including tripe stew. I've never gotten it, though.

        2. The sushi place is the Ballson mall was a nice surprise for me and my boyfriend. Besides the movie theater, I have never had much reason to go to that mall and I was wary of a sushi restaurant being in it. However, it looked clean and had interesting specials posted so we gave it a try. The sushi is fresh and you can just see the sushi chefs take a lot of pride in their plating of it. The service has also been really great.

          1. I like Cafe Tirolo. It's located a little behind Tara Thai off of Fairfax. I think they have lunch specials there. It's an Austrian-Italian place with daily specials.