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Jan 31, 2007 02:27 PM

What kind of pickle on a Cubano?

I think the pickle and the pork make the sandwich. What kind of pickle. It isn't really dill. Any recipes?

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  1. hmmm....I always thought it was dill!

      1. re: byrd

        Yeah, byrd...I live in Florida and partake of some awesome Cuban sandwiches from Fernandez the Bull here in Naples every now and then...I'm no expert but I swear they are dills!

      2. They're typically sliced longwise.

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        1. re: rexmo

          Yes, very thin slices lengthwise, that's how Fernandez does them! Gawd, now I need to make a "Cuban run" from work this week...I've had too many conversations about Cuban sandwiches this week!