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Jan 31, 2007 01:58 PM

BLT Prime Menu Suggestions

Going to BLT Prime this Friday night with a bunch of friends and was wondering if anyone has any items on the menu they recommend. Thanks in advance.

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  1. They have some great side dishes, in particular their parmesan gnocchi and blue cheese tator tots. Sadly, my filet mignon was flavorless but my wifes kobe ribeye was pretty good. I wish I had ordered their double sirloin, which looked great.

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      I wasn't a big fan of the parmesan gnocchi. The creamed spinach was good but nothing spectacular and the onion rings are great. Also the bacon appetizer is good. Seafood tower is pretty good but not outstanding either.

      I've had the rib-eye and ny strip (regular, not waygu) both have been very good and cooked properly with a nice sear. Occasionally they'll have a special waygu steak also, similar to BLT steak. I once had a waygu flank steak and it was oustanding.

    2. you'll at least the get complimentary popovers which are magnificent. the gnocchi is a must. i liked the braised ribs and rib-eye steak. the dessert sundae is the best on the menu.

      1. I loved the gnocchi but thought it was more parmesan than actual gnocchi (and a fairly small portion)

        1. The sides are really the best particular the tater tots and the sunchokes. And YES! The popovers are perfection!