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Jan 31, 2007 01:53 PM

Organic chicken/fish north of TO?

Does anyone have tips on sources of organic chicken and fish, north of Toronto? Within a reasonable driving distance from Markham?

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  1. I don't know about fresh, however, you can get organic frozen meat, etc. at Ambrosia on Doncaster, just north of Steeles.
    I'd love to hear about some places that provide fresh organic, locally grown meat,etc.

    1. Sue's Fresh Market on Major Mac east of Bathurst sometimes has organic salmon. Though their chicken is not organic, it is antibiotic-free from Mennonite farmers.

      1. Not sure how viable the term organic is when it comes to fish. There has been a sea of controversy in that department. I do know Fisherman's Brother in Thornhill carries wild & organic fish + an incredible array of oysters. Highly recommended.

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          "Organic Farmed Fish?" The only "organic fish" is a wild fish. Everything else is swimming around a pen in its own poo, even though that poo may be certified organic, and that is the problem with reared fish. Still, if you don't have river running through your property, reared, or even frozen, makes a nice meal.

        2. Out by Lindsay........ home grown organic, flax fed.......available in july and september must order ahead... email with your contact info

          1. The "Farmer's Market" on Yohge Street right near the Octogon has organic chicken and ground beef and some other items. Open Thurs. Fri and Sat. There is an organic market at the Waldorf School on Bathurst Street north of the 407 every Saturday morning. Try Longos at Hwy. 7 and Woodbine for Organic salmon. The store at York Mills and Leslie usually has it so that store may have it too. They also have different Organic meats.