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Vegas Restaurants at moderate price

I will be in Vegas from the 11th-15th and will be working all day. I would like to find restaurants with great food (I love sushi, good salads, california cuisine...some favorites in SF include Chez Panisse, Zuni, Oivetta....). I would like somewhere that isn't too pricey (plates up to 20-25sh) has a good wine and or drink menu and is quiet and relaxed. Thank you for your help!!

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  1. staying on the strip ? do you have a car ? chez panisse is at $20-25 ?? since when ? if on the strip, it's difficult to find "quiet and relaxed " at that price range so, if you have a car, it will make a difference...

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      I believe my hotel is across from the Bellagio, however I am not opposed to cab rides. You are correct Chez Panisse is not a 20-25 place, that's just to give you an idea of the type of food I enjoy. thank you!

    2. My favorite place in Vegas is Lindo Michoacan - 2655 E Desert Inn. It is unlike any Mexican place in the Bay Area - very authentic regional cuisine. They have their menu up on their website... http://www.lindomichoacan.com/ I was there at an off time - mid afternoon - and it was busy but not noisy. I imagine it would be louder during rush times. They have great marqueritas!

      1. i've been eating in the chinatown area lately - not only chinese but thai, vietnamese and korean foods. The korean places i've been to were rather pricey, decent food, but i felt not worth the money.

        Everyone rants about LOS and it deserves the accolades...you might be able to keep it 20-25/person with a group...not sure if you could do it solo. LAst week i ate at chunk king...spring mtn and wynn - they have both thai and chinese ...personally, i felt the place could give LOS a run for the money...but...i did not have any seafood ( except for the shrimp in the tom mah kai )...and i feel the seafood is what sets LOS apart from some of the thai places i've been to...i also had phad kee mao ( flat, wide noodles with ground meat ), fish cakes, and an amazing spicy beef salad...they did have a $5 lunch plate that looked good...not sure what they have as far as a dinner plate for $20 - i's sure they'll ahve something and let me tell you - you sweet, sour, salty, savory flavors ..amazing ! next time there, i have to try some seafood dishes and crab fried rice ( a personal fav of mine when i visited thailand )

        for sushi - i enjoy hana sushi - decatur near tropicana - you can have a feast for $25...they have an all-you-can eat option. makano - at flamingo and decatur - an all you can eat japanese/sushi place is surprisingly good for an all-you can eat / buffet restaurant - they also havea location in the factory store complex in downtown.

        although a little noisy ( earlier you get there, the less noise ), you can have a nice meal for $25 at nora's - italian, with fresh ingredients.

        you might also make a meal of it at firefly on paradise...tapas...again...earlier you get there, the quieter it will be -

        and i agree with oak foodie ...lindo michoacan is top notch !

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          I *love* Sushi Hana. Their AYCE for $25 is a fantastic bargain. Their fish is so clean and fresh. Make sure to have the red snapper and the halibut -- both are outstanding at this place.

        2. I now know that I'll be staying at the Gold Coast on Flamingo Rd. Sounds like it could be a culinary whole, but who knows. Hope this will help direct. Thank you!

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            I'm fond of the Gold Coast, actually. And you are in a good location to attack the west side of Las Vegas. You aren't too far from two of my favorite Mexican places, Bonito Michoacan on Decatur for a "real" Mexican sitdown, and Mariana's Supermarket on Valley View and Sahara for excellent food in a snack-bar atmosphere (don't miss the homemade, free chips and salsa bar).

          2. Ping Pang Pong located inside the GoldCoast is above average for dimsum and authentic asian dishes.

            1. Are we near any places where we could share a few appetizers and have a nice wine pairing? Or for that matter any winebars?

              1. The Gold Coast runs a free shuttle to their sister hotels. You can go to the Barbary Coast and then you have an easy walk over the footbridge into Bellagio and Caesars. You have lot's of good choices from FIX @ Bellagio w/ it's small plates and great martinis to Joe's Stone Crab in the Forum Shops w/ it fresh shellfish appetizers...... ENJOY!