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Jan 31, 2007 12:47 PM

Is Ground meat bits, scrap & chuck meat?

Is it true that groud meats (for eg. used in Shawerma, ready made Gyros, Burgers, chicken nuggets & Chapli kebab) bits, scrap & chuck meats that do not get used anywhere else?

Perhaps that is why these foods are generally the cheapest on the menu....?!!

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  1. I have never had any of those foods (excluding chicken nuggets) with offal mixed into the ground meat. Certainly chapli kebabs, gyros and shawerma wouldn't taste right if you mixed "mystery meat" into the mince. Chicken nuggets, on the other hand, I think I may have seen some processed chicken in there. I know that's what they use from Vienna sausages in the can.

    1. Well, it depends and there is no once answer. To some extent you can use leftovers but when aiming for a quality ground meat you have to use decent products to start with. You can't put junk together and come out with roses.

      1. Ground meat can be almost any part of any animal, hence the term "ground meat". However, if it's touted as ground beef, I would expect that the product is exclusively cow. Similarly, ground sirloin, should only be meat from the sirloin part of the cow.

        1. I once worked for a while in a food processing plant, so from my experience...

          Ground meat, as in burger, patty, and kebab type ground meat, is usually made from trimmings left over from butchering. Most food processors get their carcasses from slaughterhouses which have already separated organs from carcass, and sometimes have even diivided things into primal cuts (like you might see if you have a butcher counter at your local supermarket). So ground meat as a rule that does not include organ meat, but all odd bits and scraps that come in carving up a carcass or that can't be turned into a saleable cut. It can include a lot of fat and gristle. Chicken nuggets again don't involve liver, etc. At the factory where I worked, beef came in slabs (no organs), chickens and turkeys whole -- all frozen. We defrosted these and turned them into canned meats, frozen dinners, etc. It still wasn't necessarily a pretty sight.

          It's not unusual for sausages -- hot dogs, chorizo, etc. -- to have both meat and organ meat in them. I think that has to be indicated as part of the label but I'm not sure.