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Pete Jones's Skylight Inn [Ayden]

I am going to be in the Ayden-Greenville area and I was wondering if anybody has been to the Skylight since Pete's passing.
If time permits, other places I was thinking of visting are: B's Barbecue & Grill in Greenville ;Bum’s Restaurant in Ayden, Mitchell’s Ribs & Chicken in Wilson and Wilber’s in Goldsboro .
Comments based on recent experience in any of these places would be much appreciated. Any recommendations for places not listed would also be welcome.
Thanks in advance to all responders.

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  1. We went the Skylight Inn in May 2006, and it was fantastic. After we ate our lunch, we got a pound to go so that we could enjoy the 'que for dinner as well. I got the feeling not much changes around the place.

    1. Does this mean Mitchell's has reopened? I haven't really been paying attention, so the last I ever heard was that they'd closed due to tax issues, but that Ed was vowing to re-incorporate and reopen. Never did hear if that happened, though . . .

      1. Skylight Inn is the same - Pete has not been actively involved in the business for several years.

        Mitchell's is still closed.

        Get the veggies at Bum's - cabbage, collards, rutabagas and green beans are all spectacular.

        B's cooks over charcoal, not wood, but is quite good.

        1. Mithchells is still closed apparently his money person finally settled some legal thing,,may open somewhere else possibly on the yuppy side of town,,,Ate at skylight and Bums in the same day preferred Bums food but the atmosphere at skylight is hard to turn down for a true Q guy,,Wilburs is fine

          1. Didn't Wilber's close? Do I have this wrong?

            I used to live in Greenville. I never thought much of B's.

            1. I used to live in Ayden. I always went to Bum's for the veggies, fried chicken, and banana pudding. Q was ok, but not memorable. B's was always our crowd's preference for Q, but always crowded. I was never a fan of the Skylight. Definitely skip Parker's.

              I'll tell you where you want to go -- There's a buffet out in the country called Strickland Dail's. It's in Snow Hill now and it's quite a feast. Worth looking into.

              1. I just got back from a long weekend in the Greenville area visiting friends. We decided to do a mini regional tour of BBQ during a 4 day span. We went to B's, Bum's, Boss Hog's, Wilber's, and Skylight Inn. Each place definitely had it's advantages.

                Bum's: The banana pudding was amazing! One of the best combination of flavors any of my friends have ever had. (They apparently sell out of it extremely fast. We were there at around noon and got the last 3 bowls of it). My friends, who live down there, have been there at least a dozen times combined and that's the first time they had ever seen it, but have heard about it many times.

                B's: Even though they use charcoal instead of wood, they still have great pulled pork & chicken. The lack of sides detracts from the experience (barbecued potatoes, slaw, green beans, and corn sticks are pretty much all they offer).

                Boss Hog's: More commercialized than the rest of them, but they do offer a great selection of sides, including my favorite candied yams. And they have decent hush puppies.

                Skylight: Great BBQ. I had a sandwhich. It's definitely fattier than the rest of the places around (the incorporate the cracklins back into the pork before serving. It had a great smokey flavor and was great in combination with the slaw and hamburger bun. There are literally NO side options there. Just BBQ, slaw, and corn bread.

                Wilber's: The overall champion of BBQ plates according to all of us that went on the trip. AMAZING hush puppies and the pork was nice & smokey. More of a restaurant feel than the other places, though.

                1. You must go to the Skylight Inn at least once in your life--some 'Q buffs refer to it as a pilgrimage--a place that has been there since the 1830's has to be doing something right--and they do it the old fashioned way--coupla guys hacking away with cleavers at a huge mound of meat--quite a spectacle--as mentioned, small menu served in paper trays. I actually ate at Skylight, B's and Wilber's all within a few hours (see posting 9/19/04 here) and enjoyed them all--if you go to B's, get there right after they open. Service at Wilber's was outstanding and friendly, plus the air base next door makes for interesting watching.

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                    I agree, the experience is absolutely worth it. And I love the outside brown chopped into the mix. I could, however, do without the "cornbread" type side served with it. I don't get it, but then again I don't get Wilson-area corn sticks in general. Are those served in any other area of the state?

                  2. Wilber's IS NOT closed.

                    Other's to try: Ken's Grill on US 70 in LaGrange. They only have bbq on Wednesday and Saturday, and you need to get there early for lunch - they tend to run out quickly.

                    Also, Bunn's in Windsor is a MUST DO. Get the cornbread as well; ask for an end corner if they have any left.

                    1. And don't forget to mention the Capitol Dome at Skylight. What a site.