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Best Wine Bars

I know this has probably been done a few times before, but the search function isn't working too well, and there have been a few additions of late, so I'd like to get peoples input. Criteria include good options by the glass (with at least some decent glasses under $10, if that isn't too much to ask) or quartino, and a decent variety of accompaniments (cheese, sweets, etc) and friendly service.
A few newish ones that I'd love comments on: Bin71, Peasant Wine Bar, the wine bar at Public (don't recall the name), Tasting Room's wine bar, Wined Up (I went the weekend it opened, and aside from sluggish service thought it was good with nice decor)...

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  1. UWS:
    Bin 71. I love the variety of wine and the food. Only problem is the tiny space.
    Wine and Roses. I wasn't impressed with the food selection but the space is pretty.

    Pudding Stones. This one is brand new and went a few times already. I like the wine by the glass selection and the food is very good. Service is also great. I'll have more on it since I'm hosting a corporate party in the downstairs area next week.

    1. Had a great time at the most recent ones i've been to:
      -'inoteca - Pretty good selection of wines by the glass and i love the food. The staff is very knowlegeable with their enormous list and I haven't been steered wrong yet.
      -Ara - Meatpacking - pretty limited food menu, but had a good selection by the glass at all price points. You'd never know you were in the meatpacking district by the staff or ambiance.
      -Bin 220 in south street seaport - really small and cute with a decent selection by the glass. can't recall the food part though

      1. I really like Metro Cafe on E21st between Park and Broadway. Big selection by the glass with plenty under $10 and I like the flights of 4 2oz tastes for ~$20 or so. Havent tried the food.

        Otto has a pretty big selection by the quartino but the price is more mid teens, with some in the $20s and the bottle selection is enormous. The only caveat is its all Italian. The food is great especially the carbonara which they wont deliver.

        1. My favorites are Ino and Inoteca - fantastic cheese plates to accompany some nice Italian wines...panini is an excellent food choice as well. In Vino is a killer spot to also enjoy Italian wine in the East Village.

          1. where is pudding stones?

              1. I personally like Jadis on Rivington, and Grape and Grain in the EV.

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                  How about Cronkite Pizzeria and Wine Bar 133 Norfolk St (Cross Street: Between Stanton Street and Rivington Street)?

                  Anyhow, jsgjewels, have you found any good cappuccinos laterly just like the one you suggested, zibettos. You were the only one who knew wat they were recommending on my post. Thanks

                  1. Help, fellow 'Hounders! Tonight I'm meeting a friend (could turn into a date) at a wine bar and would like to get your picks and preferences among this list (in random order): 1) Bar Carrera; 2) In Vino; 3) Winebar; 4) Enoteca I Trulli; or 5) Jadis. Thanks in advance and I look forward to your posts! Best.

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                      Depends what you're looking for. I Trulli is the most upscale. In Vinois cozy like being in a cave kind of(sounds weird I know) but I do love the place. Bar Carrera is very small and can get a little loud. Jais looks really nice, good prices but I've never been. Winebar..I've just never enjoyed myself there.

                      Another option is Wined Up. It's above Punch on broadway and 20th street. Could be a good option.

                    2. I've been meaning to try the wine bar attached to Vintage in Soho - the New York state-focused wine shop. I've heard good things.

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                        I live UVA on the UES, it's 2nd and 78th. It has a nice area outside in the back of the restaurant and serves a nice meat/cheese plate where you can pick out what you want from a wide selection.

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                          I was really not impressed with Winebar. There were very few affordable wines by the glass, and the food wasn't that great. The service was also kind of off. I can't put my finger on why, but the guys just seemed to linger and creep us out.

                          I LOVE Grape and Grain, Vintage is terrific too. The food is great, and they do affordable wine flights. I would avoid the riesling flight. All the wine and food is from NY state. 'ino and 'inoteca are also wonderful.