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Jan 31, 2007 12:21 PM

What to eat at Babbo?

I was so thrilled to actually get through the constant busy signal and book a table for wednesday at 8pm!! This will be my second visit; the last one was at least 3 years ago and yes, of course the meal was outstanding!! But I'm wondering if anyone has anything in particular to recommend that is die for?? I loved all his 'organ' conncoctions for example.
Thanks in advance

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  1. honestly, my favorite thing at Babbo is dessert! You MUST have the olive oil gelato if you haven't already! As for dinner, I pretty much love all of the pasta dishes. I'm not so into all the "organ" meats, but my dad LOVES the Tripe there! I can't stomach eating that, but he says its the best hes had!

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      Couldn't agree more. While i LOVED the pumpkin ravioli and the grilled octopus, after like 4 courses I polished off the pistachio and chocolate semifreddo. best dessert ive ever had in my life.

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        HAHA..I'm not a big fan of organ meat either, but MY dad loved the tripe. Hmmm....maybe its just a dad thing : ). I did, however, think that the lamb's tongue vinigrette was the best thing I've ever tasted in my life (then again, I may have built it up in my memory as being such, However, it IS delicious - I am sure of that.)

      2. I had posted a similar request for information last month and received a lot of great recommendations. You may want to do a search on the board for the thread, in fact there is a lot of great information posted. I just posted my review of our dinner there this week. The octopus and pig foot were great appetizers and the beef cheek ravioli and mint love letters were our favorite pastas and the duck was a great secondi.

        1. i second the beef cheek ravioli. the cockles are very good too and very simple (red chilis and basil).
          my friend got the barbequed skirt steak and it was also delicious!

          1. The wine is amazing and a good value. The organ meat pastas are delicious. The mint love letters are delicious. All the pasta is delicious. Appetizers and entrees not so much. Fish is terribly boring. Get the free cookies -- so good, and better than the ones listed on the menu. Love the crystallized orange peel in that cookie plate. Homemade grappa tasty as well, but dangerous.

            1. I had the Garganelli with mushrooms and it was simple and fantastic. I split the pork chop with my dining companion and it was wonderful and cooked to perfection. Our server was top-notch and he did a great job of helping us choose what to order. The sommelier was also fantastic and his wine selection was perfect. As you can tell, I had a fabulous experience there. Enjoy!