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Jan 31, 2007 12:14 PM

Cooking class recommendations - Seattle


My wife and I are interested in taking some avocational cooking classes and were wondering if the fellow hounds have any recommendations for some good classes. Before moving to Seattle, we used to take some really good, in-depth, hands-on classes at the local culinary school, however we've yet to find anything like that here. Any suggestions?


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  1. Check out Culinary Communion. I really enjoyed the classes I took through them.

    1. Whole Foods Market offers weekly classes ( with different themes. Williams and Sonoma are also starting to offer classes.

      1. Sur La Table offers classes at their Kirkland location. Schedule and pricing is on their website.

        1. Thanks everyone! Good recommendations - we'll definitely check them out.

          1. Farm Kitchen- Offers a variety of classes. On the 1st Saterday of every month they have a breakfest owner & baker extraordinaire Hollis Fay's pastry's are not to be missed! (she also teaches classes) Located on a working organic farm, between Poulsbo & Kingston, from Seattle, you take the Bainbridge Island Ferry.

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              I absolutely love Farm Kitchen-- I got married there! The staff are amazing and the pastries are to die for. Don't pass up the chocolate chip cookie. You will not be sorry.