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Cooking class recommendations - Seattle


My wife and I are interested in taking some avocational cooking classes and were wondering if the fellow hounds have any recommendations for some good classes. Before moving to Seattle, we used to take some really good, in-depth, hands-on classes at the local culinary school, however we've yet to find anything like that here. Any suggestions?


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  1. Check out Culinary Communion. I really enjoyed the classes I took through them.

    1. Whole Foods Market offers weekly classes (www.wholefoods.com) with different themes. Williams and Sonoma are also starting to offer classes.

      1. Sur La Table offers classes at their Kirkland location. Schedule and pricing is on their website.

        1. Thanks everyone! Good recommendations - we'll definitely check them out.

          1. Farm Kitchen- Offers a variety of classes. On the 1st Saterday of every month they have a breakfest owner & baker extraordinaire Hollis Fay's pastry's are not to be missed! (she also teaches classes) Located on a working organic farm, between Poulsbo & Kingston, from Seattle, you take the Bainbridge Island Ferry. http://www.farmkitchen.com/index.htm

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              I absolutely love Farm Kitchen-- I got married there! The staff are amazing and the pastries are to die for. Don't pass up the chocolate chip cookie. You will not be sorry.

            2. The Blue Ribbon Cooking School on Lake Union offers a wide variety of classes with some great local chefs.

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                I've taken classes all over the city and I think Blue Ribbon Classes are the worst. Too high of student to instructor ratio and really dumbed down content. The owners are more interested in making a buck than providing a quality teaching experience.

              2. These are also great recommendations. Thanks again, everyone!

                1. I took a class at Le Gourmand and loved it! It is not hands on but you sit in the tiny kitchen while the owner/chef makes a full meal. You get to sip wine and have a little plate of every course. It was so charming, lovely and very tasty!
                  I think it is only once a month..ring them for specifics.

                  1. northgate community center (near northgate mall / 684-7080) is a new facility that offers an ongoing and variable series of classes (mostly evenings and weekends) geared to the non-professional cook - shockingly inexpensive and they advertise to bring containers so as to haul your treasures home

                    1. Fabulous! Thanks everyone for the recommendations.

                      1. I'll second the Culinary Communion recommendation. I've learned a lot, and love that it's all hands on. I've run into a number of couples taking the classes together, and they have some for couples only, too.

                        1. I have taken cooking classes at many
                          different schools in the Seattle area, and I have
                          enjoyed classes at Cook's World the most. (I also
                          learned the most from them.)

                          1. I'll third the recommendation on Culinary Communion. The classes are varied, and are very hands on, and both main instructors are CIA-trained chefs and excellent teachers.

                            1. I fourth the recommendation on Culinary Communion. Great people, good variety of classes (I've only taken one, but excited for Charcuterie next month!), and very hands-on and fun. Classes are in a house, so the kitchen is a little more crowded, which i think adds to the experience.

                              I did a sur la table class in kirkland, it was fun, but I was a little underwhelmed. It felt like you were in a store, and it was a lot more clinical than the CC class.

                              1. Art Institute of Seattle offers all-day Saturday cooking classes, 5 weeks long for $1300 through their continuing education dept. They are taught as if trying to squeeze a culinary school skills class into 40 hours of instruction. Topics include all the soup categories, all the major stocks, some breads and desserts, knife cuts, starches, five basic cooking techniques, five mother sauces, emulsions, etc.

                                1. It's been a few years since this thread originated. Does anyone have any updated recommendations for cooking classes in the Seattle area, specifically geared toward couples classes?

                                  Thank you!

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                                    Sur La Table out in Kirkland. They have date night cooking classes for couples. We took a cheese making class together and it was a lot of fun. We sent our 2 boys through their teen's and kid's cooking camp and they enjoyed it a lot. Their instructors are very knowledgeable and they are very organized, it's all hands on, they have everything set up for you when you arrive and all you have to do have fun learning. No dishes to wash, it's a well thought out program. Highly recommended, and our boys are usually picky eaters, but they tried everything and said it was good.

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                                      Well, Culinary Communion is out of business so that is no longer an option. You can check out Dish it Up! (www.dish-it-up.com) as their course offerings change a lot, and they now have two locations so have more classes.