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Jan 31, 2007 12:12 PM

Patio Loco in Chapel Hill

For years I regarded this as a solid option and one of the few places to eat outside on Franklin street. But I had a miserable experience eating there recently---from the canned salsa all the way through to poor entrees. So Im wondering if this was an off night or a sign of bigger problems. Has anyone else been there lately?

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  1. I used to like that place too, I went about a year and a half ago and it was great. But I went a month ago and it was absolutely horrible...too salty and just not edible. I put it on my list of places I can't eat at anymore.

    1. Bummer, try Boleros on Franklin up towards University Mall. I went there last week and had a good meal.

      1. I was afraid this was going to happen. We went in about 2 months ago and we talked to the owner (who bought the place maybe a year ago or so). He said he had gotten a new chef and gotten rid of the people who had been in the kitchen (me "Noooo!"). He also was talking to some buddy of his who is a restaurant consultant or something like that, and he had changes in mind. I pointed out that we were big fans of the place the way it was, and he said not to worry. This is a real shame, because the place was great, reliable, and inexpensive, and this new owner is a nice guy. If we go, I'll make sure to tell him the changes that make us unhappy, because I'd love to have the place be what it was a year ago.

        1. My last experience there was very disappointing also. I had the dish I used to always order, the lentil gorditas. This time, instead of fresh mozzerella, they used block mozzerella, which didn't taste as good, didn't fit as well inside the gordita and caused it to fall apart quicker than usual. Also, they didn't have what my husband wanted to order, and the wait staff seemed disinterested and inexperienced.

          1. My last experience was AWFUL. I do not know which part was worse, the waiter who had the flu and forgot to turn in the order for one of our party, the state of the bathroom (which reminded me of the bathroom on quarter draft night at Last Call at 2:30 am - If you did not go to UNC, substitute any other disgustingly dirty bathroom from your memory here), or the lame manager who continued to make excuses about why everything was so bad, rather than trying to solve the problems.