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New York Cheese Cake

The best Cheese Cake I have ever had is at The Carnegie Delly in NYC, Stage Deli a block away, and The Cheese Cake Factory which is now open in Buffalo at the Galleria Mall. Cheese cake has to be the ultimate dessert, sinfully delicious. Can anyone recommend the best cheese cake that they have ever had in the city of Toronto. Is there anything like the Cheese Cake factory in Toronto where you can choose from over 35 different varieties of Cheese Cake in a sit down restaurant. Can anyone recommend a bakery or supermarket that carries a realy great cheesecake either frozen or fresh

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  1. One of the best cheesecakes i have had is from Carols Cheesecake Co. they used to have a shop near Ave Rd & Eg not sure if still there but Decadent Deserts in First Canadian still sells them. The cherry cheesecake is yummy...dense & rich & sweet, with lots of cherry topping on it. Not sure if we have a cheesecake cafe same as Calgary but if not we need one. ..............But i would love to know how you fit cheesecake in after a sandwiche at the Carnigie..i ordered the combo sandwich, turkey,pastrami&cornbeef it was a foot high..ate about halft of one section and then got the rest for takeaway...needless to say a large container that was. I thought i will find a homeless person and they can enjoy the rest yet another feat...they seem rare in NYC..

    1. I will be watching this thread with interest as I regularly bring back slices of cherry cheesecake from Stage Deli. I have never found anything as good in TO.

      1. Carol's has the best selection. They are on Castlefield at Ronald, across from Elte Carpets/Gingers Bathrooms. Some Loblaws have a limited selection - I've seen them at Queens Quay and at Yonge & Yonge.

        I've found that the bottom crusts are often underbaked, but many of the fillings are delicious. I personally prefer my cheesecakes without goop on the top.

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          I would also recommend Carol's and also without the goop.

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            Last week, I noticed that a Carol's Cheesecake cafe has opened up on Cumberland - it's on the lower level, about 1/3 of the block west of Belair.

        2. Hey Mr. D

          the original cheesecake factory cheesecake (vanilla bean) is available here in good ol' Toronto!..
          I discovered this during my usual hunt through various restaurants ('upscale' or not) which offered yummy, large portioned desserts.
          to my surprise the cheesecake you seek is offered at Lone Star Texas Grill

          hope this helps:)

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            Sugrcube many thanks for that info. I live not to far away from the Lonestar and I'm going to make a point of stopping in to try that cheese cake

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              You're welcome :) I hope it goes well.

          2. The Cheesecake Factory is less than mediocre. You used to be able to buy "Baby Watson" in Buffalo supermarkets. Now, that's cheesecake.

            1. Way back, when President's Choice introduced their New York Style Cheesecake, the Insiders Report indicated that the supplier also produced a 'Buffalo Chicken Wing' version (or something equivalent). I scoured the stores, but never saw that product - and on re-reading the Report it wasn't clear whether that was a Loblaw's product, or just a product in the Suppliers line (but the supplier wasn't identified).
              Has anyone ever located such a product?????

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                Buffalo chicken wing New York cheesecake? Oy! You ARE kidding???

              2. Harbord Street Bakery used to be the best. I have not tried recently.
                You know what? I will try and report back.


                1. Supermarket Michael-Angelo's offers great selections of cheesecake from Carol's, la rocca, Gateau du Paris, and their own house brand. I love going there for cheesecake shopping!
                  Just recently purchased the pecan caramel chocolate cheesecake from carol's, darn! Tried the taffy cinnamon cheesecake not too long ago, darn again~ mmm, i'm in heaven

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                    where is this supermarket located?

                    1. re: sugarcube

                      there are two locations,
                      one in mississauga, one in markham. hahahhah, i guess it doesn't really help much of the chowhounds in the downtown area, sorry~ but it's worth the drive!!!!

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                        thanks oohlala :) i happen to live close to one of the locations. i'll be sure to go there soon!

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                          I can be a little more precise on that Markham location, its at the north east corner of Woodbine and Hwy 7