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Jan 31, 2007 12:06 PM

Rendezvous Cafe on Wilson Blvd in Arlington

Has anyone been to the Rendezvous Cafe on Wilson Blvd right next to the Arlington Arts Center? Its between Ballston and Virginia Square and is in a building that used to be a coin shop.

I haven't had the opportunity to stop in yet, but driving by it looks to be a coffee/sandwich/dessert sort of place. It looks like they did a very nice job renovating the the building as well.

Has anyone stopped in yet and do you have anything to report?


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  1. I've ate at Rendezvous and had a great chocolate and banana crepe. The owners did a great job remodeling the shop and it's cozy inside. I know people who have also tried paninis and salads there, who reported back favorably. They also offer pastries and an assortment of coffee/smoothie choices.

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      I live near there, so after reading this post, I hopped into my car and drove to it.

      My first impression: it's quite small inside. Sitting for around 10 or so. More of a take-out place I'd say. There's some tables outside. so I imagine they will be put to good use when the weather warms up.

      I ordered a Panini and I enjoyed it very much. Nice and toasty. Not too oily.

      One minus is that my tea came too hot. In fact, I had to bring it home with me. Told the owner about the tea, and he'll see what he can do.

      I'm a native French speaker, so I had a nice chat with the Morrocan owner. Nice guy. He seemed friendly to all the customers while I was there.

      I plan to come back for the crepes. All in all. A good experience.

    2. For a cafe, I was disappointed that they did not have plain croissants. I asked for one, figuring they had some since they offered croissant sandwiches. All they offered were almonds and chocolate. If I had a bigger appetite I will try the larger items.

      1. I went to cafe rendezvouse a couple weekends ago. I got a smoothie, which was really good and my boyfriend had a panini which he also enjoyed. The only problem was the wait took forever and there isnt much room inside to stand and wait. It was if not the first weekend, one of the first weekends it opened, so they probabaly are still getting everything figured out. I'd check it out, but only if you have some time to wait

        1. I've been to the Rendezvous 3 times in the last few weeks -- just to be fair, because my first experience was so dismal, I wanted to give the place another chance. I gave it three, and it struck out. Maybe the crepes are good (I didn't have those). Visit #1: a quiche was floury, sour and tasteless. Visit #2: a large specialty salad was assembled in big, hard-to-eat chunks and didn't taste good enough so that I wanted to work that hard to eat it. Visit #3: a panini was pretty decent, but then a dessert from the pastry case had picked up such an old/off-taste that it was inedible. All three times, service was slow, slow, slow, with just one employee behind the counter making salads and sandwiches to order. It's a cute little cafe, nicely redone, very good atmosphere. I believe they have Wi-Fi. I really wanted this place to be good, but what a disappointment.

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            A few months ago, I had the crepes there, and was very disappointed.

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              I had a crepe suzette (lemon and orange) that was great, beautifully decorated. I thought it was well worth it. I don't remember if they ahave any savory crepes, but the dessert crepe here was first class all the way.